The girl who ate a death god / 死神を食べた少女

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    Title: Shinigami wo Tabeta Shoujo
    Author: Nanasawa Matari
    Artiste: Chomoran
    Publisher: Enterbrain
    Number of volumes : 2
    Status: complete, it shares its universe with The girl who bore the flame ring and 2 other series but each is independent
    NU MAL

    Description (from NU) :

    "What happens when one eats Death?
    Personally, I don’t really know. What I do know is merely one thing.
    I’m hungry.
    Therefore, I’ll take the heads of these guys and deliver them to my superiors.
    Surely, I’ll be able to eat delicious food.
    Come, if preparations are in order, we depart. "

    Since both descriptions on NU aren't very helpful, here's a quick summary:
    The novel follows Shera a girl from a poor farming village who after a raid of the kingdom liberation army (rebel) in which she is nearly killed, obtain some strange death powers and join the Kingdom side in the civil war.

    Why I want it :
    It's a really good war story, with good strategy (most of the time), believable battle and overall quite "realistic" despite being in a fantasy setting. Most characters are interesting, their motivations make sense, none of them is totally good or bad and all of them change throughout the story. The MC powers are also quite interesting and the novel finds a good way to keep the tension high despite how powerful she is.
    (Micro spoiler, chapter 3)

    Why I think it could be a good pick to JNC:
    It could appeal to both "side" of JNC readers:

    • it got an op protagonist who let nobody get in her way
    • but it's also a rather grim and deep story, with a realistic tone.

    Also, it's a fantasy war novel that we don't have much of.
    The ratings on NU are high, the WN being a 4.8/5 for 541 votes.
    And it's only 2 volumes so if it fails it's not a big loss and if it sells well there are parent stories by the same author and publisher to capitalize on.

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    I think it sounds interesting. I’ll see about checking out the web novel translation later to get a feel for it.

  • I like the sound of this book so I'm giving it a vote in the hopes someone will pick it up.

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    We definitely could use a good war story.

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    Would love to see this one. It was a really good read.

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    A quick bump since I just create a topic for the parent story The girl who bore the flame ring, and update that topic.