Oh! Toumei Ningen (Manga)

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    Oh! Toumei Ningen (Oh! Invisible Man)
    By Yasuhiro Nakanishi
    Published by Kodansha
    11 volumes

    Due to circumstances, Tooru has to move in with his aunt and her three daughters. On his first night there, they prepare him a meal of cod roe, which he hates. After taking one bite he rushes to the bathroom to spit it out -- only to discover that he can't see his face in the mirror. He takes off his clothes, and sure enough his whole body is invisible.

    As he's trying to figure out what to do, his cousin comes in to take an after-dinner bath. He stands there watching in amazement as she strips in front of him and gets in the tub as though she's completely alone. But then she reaches for a bar of soap and grabs his ... wa-hey! Suddenly Tooru's invisibility wears off, and he has to escape the bathroom and get back to his bedroom without being seen naked.

    Afterwards Tooru figures out that he can turn invisible any time he wants by popping a bit of roe in his mouth, and he'll stay that way until he becomes sexually aroused. Can he use this power to peep on girls without getting caught? Or is he in for eternal humiliation as the guy who keeps running around naked?

    Ah, there's nothing like trashy, old school ecchi. No accidental pervert BS here -- this is '80s style, which means the main character is an amoral horndog who will risk any humiliation to glimpse tiddies.

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    So It's both shota and lolicon with incest, what a wholesome manga ^^

    Can't the MC just cheat the system by keeping some Roe in his mouth like that even if he become arouse he would imediatly become invisible again ?

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