community ubau mono (to deprive a deprived person) !

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    Hi everyone, I'm a fan of ubau mono and I would like this amazing LN to be better known.
    Unfortunately the ubau mono community is weak, the wiki fandom is very poor (it's just symbolic being almost nonexistent of updates) and neither a community in reddit exists (when I want to discuss ubau on reddit and need to create topic in r / LightNovels) .
    I am not fluent in English (my English is bad) but I would like to collaborate the possible to get updated wiki fandom and a community of own in reddit and maybe a community in the discord (usually in the wiki fandom of other works has a discord).
    when ubau mono is licensing in English certainly the community will be vast but until then, who wants to collaborate to be able to strengthen the community we will debate about how.
    (I think I'll post this on reddit too,in r / LightNovels)

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    Then I would suggest upvoting and commenting your support on the already-established licensing suggestion:

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