To Each His Own - ちょっと今から仕事やめてくる

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    After months, I finally noticed that I haven't watched anything for a while now—so I decided to try this Japanese movie, based on a Kadokawa's MediaWork one-shot novel, Chotto Ima Kara Shigoto Yamete Kuru (I think it translates to I am gonna quite my job, now...well, roughly)

    Marketed as "To Each His Own" in English Market.

    I went into this movie blind, aside from the fact that it was winner of "Media Works Bunko Award" at 21st Dengeki Novel Award. (Won the newcomer award in 2014, and published in Feb, 2015)

    When they created Media Works Bunko in 2009, they created Media Works Bunko Award for Light novel submission that would sell more as well...not light novels.
    It means it won't be exactly what main JNC audience adore, but that never stopped me before lol

    The Book Cover

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    Genre: Drama, Comedy

    Aoyama Takashi is a salesman who work in a black company. He is overworked, hit by his superior, and only paid his basic salary with no overwork extra.
    One day, at the train station, after another unpaid overwork, he felt exhausted. He needed a break, he thought as he crossed the yellow line.
    Just before the train comes, he was pulled away by a jaunty guy who claims to be his old classmate from elementary school, Yamamoto(4th common surname in Japan lol).
    As this uncanny friendship unfolds, Aoyama starts to think a little more about death and a lot more about how to live.

    The Overall Mood and The Central Theme:
    The theme is definitely about remembering what you are living for—a question that we held its answer close to heart before being caught by the unstoppable life flow.
    It also comments on the effect of black companies and the generated stress on employees' mentality and mental status.

    The tone of the series swings back and forth from depressing to happy, but ultimately it's a story about how to overcome this pothole and finding hope not just falling and losing yourself in despair.

  • It's funny and quite ironic that many of Isekai main characters are black company employees who just go to the other world and have the time of their lives, and I come and ask for a work with more realistic depiction that doesn't involve running to a world with milf elves and gothic lolis. lol

    I feel like someone will reply with
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    Oh I have this on kindle. Didn't know it had a live action adaptation. I'll watch it!

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    This looks pretty pretty good