Ameshita Shizuku wa Ase ga Suki (Shizuku Ameshita Loves Sweat)

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    Ameshita Shizuku wa Ase ga Suki
    By Aki Yamaguchi
    Published by Magazine Pocket (Kodansha)
    3 volumes (complete)

    Yuu Saeki suffers from a medical condition that makes him sweat profusely. One day while hanging out with his childhood friend Mio, she tells him about a classmate of hers who has the exact opposite problem. Shizuku Ameshita her name is, and no one's ever seen her sweat, even in gym class during the summer. There are other rumors about Ameshita, too. Like back in elementary school, she tried to eat one of her classmates.

    Yuu and Mio laugh it off as some crazy urban legend, but a few days later Yuu has to go to the nurse's office to rest, and while he's lying in bed none other than Shizuku Ameshita appears. "I can't fight it any longer!" she says and jumps on top of him, brings his wrist to her mouth ... and licks him.

    Later Ameshita explains that she's a kind of vampire, but instead of sucking blood, her preferred bodily fluid is sweat. She'd heard about a boy who sweats uncontrollably and knew he was the only one who could give her what she needs to survive.

    So, if you've ever read Mysterious Girlfriend X, this is kinda the same thing. Only instead of a whimsical look at intimacy between a couple of awkward teenagers, this is a trashy fetish series for a kink that I'm not sure anyone actually has.

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