• Ambition

    Hello all, I am Kazushi Tetsuo.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit this thread and checking out my novel.
    Ambition is a tale about the Great Minamoto Yama and his journey of conquest over the continent!


    "Will there ever be a world of peace?"

    This question rings across the continent for generations, until it is heard by one.

    This tale follows, the one who will usher the world into an era of prosperity and peace.
    The only one who is capable.

    The ambitious, the illustrious.

    Minamoto Yama!

    Table of Contents:

    Prologue: Root
    Episode 1: The Beginning
    Episode 2: Minamoto Yama
    Episode 3: New Beginnings
    Episode 4: The Land of Rock
    Episode 5: Wandering Two
    Episode 6: First Week
    Episode 7: Fresh Start

    Read Below:

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    [genres: action, adventure, tragedy, drama, seinen]

    [warning: contains: violence, nudity, profanity, gore, sexually explicit]
    [I'd love positive critique, it's a WIP & I hope this will push me to keep writing!]
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    [It's not professionally edited]

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  • Just released Episode 7! Thank again to everyone and anyone who is still following the story, and to those who are new. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my work, I really appreciate it truly. <3
    Next Episode, "Episode 8: First Day" Look forward to it!! :)


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