When is Bakarina Volume 5 going to start being released in parts?

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    When will volume 5 start being released in parts for members and premium members? I have searched online and have failed to find any satisfying results. Either I suck at searching, or there's just barely any information on it. I am curious because I really liked the first four books, even though it was a series I was unsure about at first. It's easily become one of my favourites. Oh, and, not sure if you are allowed to ask about two different series in one post but here we go! When is volume two of Yuri Vampire going to start being released? The first volume was really interesting and, like with Bakarina, I am struggling to find any useful information on volume 2. Uh, thanks to anyone who can answer my questions, and good luck to anyone who has questions of their own about other series (or these ones). Oh, and sorry if I have somehow violated some rules or have accidentally asked a question that has already cropped up. I did do a quick search and check and I believe I am alright, but you never know... shrugs

    (I do believe that volume 2 of Yuri Vampire isn't actually out in Japan, but I might be wrong. As for Bakarina, however, I believe that multiple volumes beyond volume 4 are out in Japan. Again, this information might be wrong, but it's all I really have... Hence why I am asking.)

    Images of both series that I mentioned (first image: volume 5 of Bakarina, Japanese Edition. Second image: volume 1 of Yuri Vampire, English Edition):

    Volume 5

    Volume 1

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    Last I looked, there were at least 8 volumes of Bakarina in Japan, the latest released last month. But, that doesn't mean contracts have been obtained on v5-8.

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    @someoldguy - yeah. I was hoping someone might know something about whether those contracts are going to be made or not. Thanks for the input, though. I'll just keep my hopes up. =D

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    The series has not been dropped, so it will be coming eventually. It’s been said elsewhere that the several series that are on hold right now (which also include Undead Adventurer, Japan Elf, and Potion Loli) have extenuating circumstances that have stalled them. This could be contracts getting signed, translator teams with irl problems, etc. We’ll just have to be patient.

    As for Vampire Sister, I have heard that there is extra content on the web novel, but a second light novel volume has not yet been announced in Japan.

  • Vampire Sister does not have another volume out in Japan yet. Sam is hopeful they will print more since the web novel is complete.

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    @legitpancake - Thank you! That's very informative. I figured as much, so I will make sure I am patient. Curiosity just got the best of me this time.

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    @myskaros - I am also hopeful. The first volume was a really good start in my opinion. =D