October 2019 catchups!

  • Staff

    We have some anime-related series on catchup this month, as well as a spooky one for Halloween! Over 25 volumes are available to read for J-Novel Club members!

    In the currently airing anime, Ascendance of a Bookworm chronicles a reincarnated book-lover’s efforts to survive in a medieval world and find ways to get her hands on... or make her own... books!

    Would you challenge a demon for the sake of your child? The anime recently finished, so now read the entire tale of Dale and Latina in If It's For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord! The short story collection Volume 9 is scheduled to start later this month as well!

    An isekai with more of a unique setting compared to the general field, The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar takes places in an ancient Norse world! Read past the end of the anime and catch up to the 10th volume, which is currently in prepublication!

    Finally, one of our few horror series, solve the puzzles and mysteries of one of the deadliest games of tag in Ao Oni! The entire arc has been translated!

    New prepub volumes launched in October:

    • Lazy Dungeon Master Vol. 8
    • Sexiled Vol. 2
    • Campfire Cooking Vol. 4
    • Secret Organization Vol. 2
    • Outbreak Company Vol. 12
    • Banner of the Stars Vol. 1
    • The Holy Knight's Dark Road Vol. 1
    • Full Metal Panic! Vol. 5

    e-Book release schedule for October:

    • Now Available!
      • Lazy Dungeon Master Vol. 7
      • Sexiled Vol. 1
      • Campfire Cooking Vol. 3
      • Arise, Middle-Aged Businessman! Vol. 2
      • Crest of the Stars Vol. 3
      • Demon King Daimaou Vol. 13
      • Secret Organization Vol. 1
      • Kokoro Connect Vol. 7
      • Realist Hero Vol. 10
      • Outbreak Company Vol. 11
      • Infinite Dendrogram Vol. 10
      • Little Apocalypse Vol. 16
      • Smartphone Vol. 17