Koen De Kokosei Tachi Ga Asobu Dake (High School Students Play in Park)

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    Koen De Kokosei Tachi Ga Asobu Dake
    High School Students Play in Park

    Publisher: Kodansha LIGHTNOVEL (Kodansha Ranobe Bunko)
    Author: Yu Sonozo
    Illustrator: Yasumo


    Slice of life

    "For now, Azuma, you can place me at the top of your cuteness pyramid. Then you can understand cuteness through me."
    "What exactly does it mean to place you at the top of the cuteness pyramid, Sagawa?"
    "The more someone looks like me, the more you see them as cute, Azuma."
    "Well then, I guess this calculator looks cute."
    "Hold it. Am I a calculator to you, Azuma?"

    And thus, the easygoing daily lives of high school students are woven together in the park today as well...

    Because it's light and heartwarming read. Just a bunch of short slice of life episodes about group of friends hanging out in a park after school. Good for improving the mood after a hard day.

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    Something relaxed like this would be fun to get every once in a blue moon (especially where it's just the one volume). =)

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    A light, heartwarming read? Romance? Sign me up! is it a one shot?

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    @traestaree Yep, it is oneshot.
    It's not a romance (though there are hints of it here and there). Just Slice of Life.

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