New Series Announcements! (Nov. 2019)

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    Yeah for me familiar equals I have seen them on their publishers page, and I have read the synopsis of each.

    Don't read Fan TLs so all I do is base all books on their covers

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    @raitoiro Oh, if it's insane as in messed up in the head and not insane as in insanely OP then maybe it'll be interesting. But otherwise it just sounds like the setup for a generic battle/tournament shounen with harem.

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    I'll may check these out at some point but my tastes definitely run more towards comedy, perhaps with some romance tossed in.

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    Welp, those titles are as uninspired as their synopsis. Especially isekai, if its isekai I hope we would have something close to Der Werewolf in term of epic in the future.

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    Definitely looking forward to Grace of the Gods. Been following the WN translation and hoping the LN is farther along and also faster releases.

  • @myskaros said in New Series Announcements! (Nov. 2019):

    New series!

    “By the Grace of the Gods” written by Roy and illustrated by Ririnra centers on a middle-aged businessman, Ryoma Takebayashi, who finds himself reincarnated into another world after an unexpected death and discovers his greatest passion: training slimes!

    Wow! Plain, boring, uneventful, and a grind to read. That’s my impression of this license. I’m sorry, but this will be a definite pass from me.

    Penned by Washiro Fujiki and illustrated by Yu Kodama, “The Underdog of the Eight Greater Tribes” features the young Yuri Eniastar’s relentless quest to reach the top in the world’s only arena, Duel City Babel.

    Now this is the complete opposite end of the spectrum! Finally! At last! Something that directly appeals to me! The whole shounen underdog scenario instills me with a sense of nostalgia as only an old-fashioned, nearing-his-thirties bloke can feel. A young protagonist fighting to overcome strong opponents and hardships, establishing bonds of friendship between friend and foe alike, the comedic shenanigans, and the romance blossoming between lovers as the story progresses. Ah! The addition of a harem should compliment this dish nicely. Shounen and seinen are genres that blend together naturally if done correctly, but this one looks more shounen than a mix of both. This one is a definite!

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    @caramelwithoutthesalt Exact opposite feelings than you, but that's why it's good when different stuff gets licensed - something for everyone. :) Frustrating when some announcements seem exact opposite of what you like but there's always a chance next one might be good.