Hagane no Shirousagi Kishidan / White Rabbit Knight Order of Steel

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    The story takes place in a world name Esperite Umol, in the Bastia Continent, where people still could feel the existences of Gods. A knight squad make its name known around the continent there, its name The Metal White Rabbit Squad. Its members consist only of beautiful young maidens. They are strong, and more importantly they are all beauties.
    At the present time, a girl named Gabriela swears to her late mother to become the member of the squad. But to her surprise, the trials to enter the squad are all things she never imagined before. The trial events are... races, treasure hunting??? What would happen with the trial...?


    It's a completed series with 10 volumes, and it has a sequel consisting of 7 volumes. There's also another volume consisting of short stores.

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    I support this suggestion!

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