AnimeNYC 2019 announcements!

  • We’re back from a busy weekend staffing a booth and hosting an industry panel at AnimeNYC 2019 in beautiful New York City! Let’s get down to business with a recap of all the announcements that we made at the panel on Saturday.

    New Print Editions

    Ameko Kaeruda’s fantasy action-comedy Sexiled: My Sexist Party Leader Kicked Me Out, So I Teamed Up With a Mythical Sorceress! and Satoru Yamaguchi’s My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! will be heading to stores in paperback format in 2020!

    Licenses from Kodansha's Legend Novels!

    J-Novel Club is excited to bring you five exhilarating new light novel titles from Kodansha’s Legend Novels. These titles are aimed for a more mature audience but we have no doubt that these will fit right in with our current library!

    The Economics of Prophecy
    An economics department graduate is reincarnated into another world! Now known as Ricardo in this new world, he studies to become a merchant at the Royal Academy. Let’s hope he can put his modern world knowledge to good use.

    Kobold King
    Fearsome warrior Gaius decides to return to his roots after giving up everything he’s worked for. While in the traveling, he discovers a tribe of adorable forest-dwelling kobolds, small furry creatures who are fleeing from human aggression, they immediately distrust him and everything about him. Can this gentle giant of a man come to peace with his past and win the friendship of the adorable kobolds?

    Outer Ragna
    Streamer PotatoStarch plays the notoriously hard game Dragon Demon RPG-DX for his fans. But his character in-game Kuroi, is known to the masses as the Dragonslayer and Killer of Demons. After an unexpected series of events, he ends up possessing her!

    Her Majesty’s Swarm
    A college student finds herself in another world in author 616th Special Information Battalion’s Her Majesty’s Swarm. Our heroine becomes the militant queen of a race of insects called the Arachnea. Her command is masterful because she loves playing as evil-aligned characters!

    Isekai Rebuilding Project
    Have you ever wondered what happens after peace is restored in a fantasy world? Author Yukika Minamino’s Isekai Rebuilding Project tells the tale of a 30-year-old city clerk with an ordinary life who gets transported to a fantasy world where peace had already been restored.

    Launching J-Novel Heart - a shoujo label!

    It’s finally here! We’re starting off our new label with five light novel titles that you’ll be sure to fall in love with.

    Tearmoon Empire
    Mia, the hated princess of the fallen Tearmoon Empire, finds herself executed by guillotine... only to wake up as a kid again! With this second chance, she resolves to fix the ailing Empire. Can Mia change history and save her own skin?

    I Refuse to Be Your Enemy!
    When Kiara's adoptive father orders her to marry a man named Viscount Credias, she realizes her recurring dreams are visions of a future in which she dies a villain. She hatches a plan to ensure a future where she stays ALIVE.

    The White Cat’s Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King’s Lap
    Ruri finds herself stranded in a strange world by her selfish friend. Then she gets the ability to turn into a white cat! How can she get revenge in the form of a cute little cat?!

    The Tales of Marielle Clarac (currently being finalized)
    Marielle is the image of a plain young noblewoman with a prim and proper exterior, but inside she hides the heart of a sly and devious fangirl! Welcome to Marielle’s world, where people aren’t always what they seem and secrets are commonplace!

    The Bibliophile Princess (currently being finalized)
    When book-loving Lady Elianna spots Prince Christopher, her betrothed, consorting with another noble lady, she assumes the annulment of her engagement is inevitable. But courtly life and love are more complicated than it might seem!

    We’re not done yet!

    And finally, we have two new light novels coming from Pash! Books and a special doujinshi title that is sure to contain some familiar names you might recognize!

    A young boy must fight alongside other humans against endless hordes of creatures in a harsh region known only as “the borderlands.” Can he unravel the ruleset governing this realm of magic and mystery?

    The World’s Least Interesting Swordsman
    Sansui Shirokuro lives out a normal life until meeting an untimely end and is reincarnated into another world as an Immortal. Too bad he starts off with horrible swordplay skills. Nothing time can’t solve!

    Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Isekai
    With a diverse cast of writers, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Isekai was originally published in Japan as a doujin by doujinshi circle SAKKA KEIHAN. Famous authors Carlo Zen (The Saga of Tanya the Evil), Natsuya Semikawa (Isekai Izakaya Nobu), Hoko Tsuda (Unmotivated Hero’s Tale), Tappei Nagatsuki (Re:Zero), Katsuie Shibata (science fiction novelist), and Hyunganatsu (Rakuya no Hitorigoto) all contribute to this work. Did we mention that the cover art is done by The Saga of Tanya the Evil’s Shinobu Shinotsuki?

    A big thank you to everyone who visited the booth and attended the industry panel this year at AnimeNYC. We sincerely hope that everyone enjoys all these new titles and announcements in the upcoming months!

    Happy reading!

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    Is J-novelHeart going to be a separate app with a separate monthly subscription?

  • Premium Member

    @matteklund33 No, it's just a different label. There are no additional costs or anything. For example you can already read Tearmoon Empire right now; that's a LN under the J-Novel Heart label.

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    @terabyte said in AnimeNYC 2019 announcements!:

    For example you can already read Tearmoon Empire right now; that's a LN under the J-Novel Heart label.

    And it's a pretty good story so far.

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    Wow, so much new content to try before I buy! This will really help as some series end and others just take their normal time between volumes. :thumbsup:

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    Looking forward to "I refuse to be your enemy!" Just from the description.

    Ahhhh, I know I'm being greedy, but I keep checking to see if there's anything new. ;p

  • @princesskay We will have more announcements in the coming months, but they'll get their own topics :) The only updates to this topic will be links to the series once they launch.

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    @myskaros Will thoose be mosyly JNHeart title or also JNC title?

  • @raitoiro It's not a hint, I'm just saying that when there are new things, they will get their own topics, they won't be added to this topic.

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    @terabyte thanks

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    @myskaros no, no - not separate titles. I keep looking to see if any of these have become available, is what I mean to say.

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    Sam hinted on Twitter that 2 of the Legends novels that JNC is translating (none of which have any illustrations other than the covers) will be receiving "original extra color spreads" for the English ebook editions, from the respective cover illustrators. More info will be coming as we get closer to publication dates.

    He mentioned it in response to someone wanting an illustration of "Her Majesty's Swarm," so I'd say it's a fair chance it is one of the two that will get them.

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    Thank you for bringing "The White Cat’s Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King’s Lap"! Can't wait!

  • I'm new so im not sure I got this all right. Like I really adore "Outer Ragna", "Her Majesty's Swarm", and look forward to "I refuse to be your enemy!" but are they all gonna be available to buy via amazon? Because thats what I did with Bakarina and I prefer to have the whole volume on my kindle if possible. I also prefer to pay for it all at once. But not all of the novels had the option so I was confused if I missed something or my english was still lacking. Thanks for picking up all these great novels though!

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    @dimileth Most everything will be available for Kindle (and others). You can check the release calendar for "ebook publishing" dates. And, they'll show up in the various store sites at least a week or two before they're available (some things even longer).

  • @someoldguy thank you very much!

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    Yay! Physical copy of Bakarina!

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    @someoldguy said in AnimeNYC 2019 announcements!:

    @dimileth Most everything will be available for Kindle (and others).

    Furthermore, if you ever purchase the DRM-free premium versions of the books via JNC then you can put them onto your Kindle using Calibre.

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    @shiny said in AnimeNYC 2019 announcements!:

    @someoldguy said in AnimeNYC 2019 announcements!:

    @dimileth Most everything will be available for Kindle (and others).

    Furthermore, if you ever purchase the DRM-free premium versions of the books via JNC then you can put them onto your Kindle using Calibre.

    And (at least for me) it will upload the book to your Kindle cloud, making it available on all your kindle devices just as if you purchased the book from Amazon.