Shindou Yuusha to Maid Onee-san

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    Title: Shindou Yuusha to Maid Onee-san/神童勇者とメイドおねえさん
    Publisher: MF Bunko J(Media Factory)
    Status: 3 Volume (Ongoing)

    Sypnosis: After defeating the Demon King and saving the world, Sion was exiled to the border. Here, the strongest Hero enjoyed his slow life with 4 capable onee-san maids.

    Reasons to pickup: ONEE-SAN! MAIDS! BEST MATCH! For real though, the lack of older sister type heroines in published LNs is a shame. I want to be pampered by an older girl, too! Plus, the contrast between the young hero having OP Powers but also shouldering the consequences and responsibilities coming with being the strongest interesting way to tackle at this typical archetype. Having the heroines being the emotional support for him is also the prime recipe for the heart-warming romance to come.

    The onee-sans, though!