Can't take a premium account with Visa V-Pay

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    Hello ! I have a little problem :
    I wanted to upgrade for a premium account but it's look like i can't.
    I have a european (french) visa V-Pay card but it's say my card don't support it.
    I had no problem for others monthly payment.
    Do someone have a solution ?

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    @shiroiryu Sign up for a Revolut card, this is free if you don't want a physical card.

    You should be able to load funds from the v-pay card to the Revolut and use that.

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    I am not to knowledge about V-Pay, but according to this site, V-Pat only works on sites with Verified by Visa integration, and J-Novel Club does not have that integration in their payment method.

    Hopefully what @sniper_samurai said works for!

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    Thanks for your fast answer.
    And with that i could buy the premium account so ! Good to know !

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    Sadly, it's look like the SMS from Revolut card never came.
    I will try to found other alternatives and try one more time here too. ^^

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    @shiroiryu Salut~

    Since your issue seems to be the same as mine ( I like to share with you my current way to solve it. After checking several suspicious payment sites with high fees (Revolut e.g. asked of me to pay 7,99 British Pounds per month for a virtual credit card), I decided to get une carte prépayées from my bank - hoping that will solve it with stripe.

    At least I expect so, if a debit visa/MasterCard/Diner should work.

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    (Coucou !)

    Thanks for your answer.
    Finally i had a solution : change my card for a better one ...
    I had a fast answer and so in three days, i will have a better one. :)
    I will just found another solution for the first month !
    But yeah, it's look like we found the same solution.

  • Hum... Kind of a stoopid question, but why can't we get a membership through PayPal???
    I'm not a big fan of putting my CC infos into a website I don't "know"...
    I'd like too get a membership or even a Premium one, but...My CC? That's a "no no" for me...

  • @laurylyan I think there's some posts about this that PayPal is more expensive and JNC uses Stripe which is also a competitor for PayPal

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    Just a clarification and you can ignore me if I misunderstood you. JNC does not store the CC info but only stores the Token to access it via Stripe which is the one that stores the CC info.

    If you want to learn how secure Stripe is then the only way is to search or ask about Stripe itself rather than JNC.

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    @laurylyan I put some detail information about the security in this post:

    As for as it is: there is no work around without a credit card. Either getting a virtual one, an electron one (called prepaid in Europe), or a basic one is currently a must have for the JNC membership.

    If you are using an European credit card, I can reassure you that there are plenty of additional security measures in place. While stripe is not as secure as PayPal, a combination with bank services does provide equally good security as PayPal does.

    For example - since I am not accustomed with U.S. banks I am telling it like this - European credit cards use a three level domain security layer. Most banks have notification functions installed. I have to confirm transaction which goes beyond a certain risk level by app, and I am always informed beforehand.

    Plus, by the legal terms of conditions, I got guaranteed that every transaction which is not originally mine, I will definitely get a full refund without any penalty, as long as certain conditions are met.

    It is still much less convenient as PayPal, but as everyone stated it correctly: that is an unfortunate consequence of competition of the market. Except for China and Russia that is a worldwide desired standard.

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