Grimgar, character poll

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    Grimgar author is doing 2 popularity polls on Twitter, asking people who their favorite male/female characters are. It probably amount to nothing more than feed back to the author but if you're interested here the links and the romanji names for the possible choices.

    For the male poll, the choices are in order:

    • Haruhiro ハルヒロ
    • Ranta ランタ
    • Kuzaku クザク
    • Renji レンジ

    For the female poll, the choices are in order:

    • Yume ユメ
    • Shihoru シホル
    • Merry メリイ
    • Setora セトラ

    No surprise for the female poll, everyone know who best girl is, but I was kinda shock to see that there's so many Ranta fans. It's true that his arc was great and that he was pretty cool in vol 14+ but I thought most people still didn't loved him, maybe he does some great things in vol 14++ and 15.

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