Bookworm Schedule Moving Forward

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    Hi all, I’m a fairly new member so please for give me if this has been discussed before. I noticed that only the Bookworm stuff currently showing as scheduled for January are the Manga translations. I was just wondering when the weekly light novel translations will pick up again. Not trying to rush the translator! You’re doing a great job :)

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    @midnighttemplar From what I understand, JNC doesn't post a LN on the release schedule until they post the first part of the translation, then they post the schedule for all of the parts. So for Bookworm, when P2V3P1 is available, all of P2V3 will be scheduled. Given things posted elsewhere, I'd expect the release calendar to be updated around January 11, but things may come up to delay it.

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    Hi there, we don't ever update the schedule with future volumes until the day it's going to be released. This is to avoid emergencies or last-minute problems from causing delays and upsetting people's expectations. In general, there is a 2-3 week delay between the last part of one volume of a given series and the first part of the next volume, but that can be affected by various factors as well.

    Quof, the translator, posted in the part 2 volume 2 discussion with the following:

    There probably will be a week gap before the next part due to some internal stuff, though the TL itself will still be going on and there will probably be a double-part again at some point.

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