Starting off 2020 with 2 months of catchups!

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    Happy 2020! Now that the holidays over and everyone is back in the office, we've got new catchups for members that last until the end of January and on through February!

    A couple series have been on hiatus for a while, and now you can refresh your memory in order to follow along with the newest volumes that have restarted prepublication! Stay a while and listen to Rentt overcome his strange fate as a walking dead in The Unwanted Undead Adventurer. For a more lighthearted romp, travel back and forth between a world of fantasy and modern Japan with Kazuhiho and Mariabelle in Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf!

    These next two series are both complete and hail from the earlier J-Novel Club days! First, Bluesteel Blasphemer follows a gun fanatic who is reincarnated into a living weapon and uses his substantial powers to create firearms in his new world. Then, in My Big Sister Lives in a Fantasy World, a high schooler finds out that fantasy exists in reality when gets involved in the supernatural world... something his overenthusiastic sister welcomes with glee!

    Finally, two more popular series will be available in full: the comedic fantasy Lazy Dungeon Master, where a man who only wants to sleep ends up having to do all the work to protect his dungeon; and a story of revenge and adventure with a romance that crosses worlds in Seirei Gensouki!

    New prepub volumes launched in February:

    • The Greatest Magicmaster's Retirement Plan Vol. 5
    • Isekai Rebuilding Project Vol. 2
    • My Next Life as a Villainess Vol. 5
    • Cooking with Wild Game Vol. 7
    • The Underdog of the Eight Greater Tribes Vol. 2
    • Outer Ragna Vol. 2
    • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Isekai

    e-Book release schedule for February:

    • Available Now!
      • The World's Least Interesting Master Swordsman Vol. 1 (2/1)
      • By the Grace of the Gods Vol. 1
      • Isekai Rebuilding Project Vol. 1
      • An Archdemon's Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride Vol. 9
      • Outer Ragna Vol. 1
      • Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Vol. 6
    • Teogonia Vol. 1 (2/15)
    • The Greatest Magicmaster's Retirement Plan Vol. 4 (2/18)
    • Banner of the Stars Vol. 2 (2/22)
    • I Refuse to Be Your Enemy! Vol. 1 (2/22)
    • Cooking with Wild Game Vol. 6 (2/22)
    • Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf Vol. 3 (2/23)
    • Tearmoon Empire Vol. 1 (2/24)
    • Lazy Dungeon Master Vol. 9 (2/25)

    January recap

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    @myskaros Is there an official date for the next catch ups, they always seem like random dates or are you guys using this 2 months to cement the date come march or something?

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    @darkapostle It's as you surmised, we decided to do 2 months this time because catchups weren't decided until January 14, so we wanted to give people at least a month for the current ones and to make sure we can start staying on schedule moving forward. March catchups (and actually April and May too) have already been decided, so you can expect them to change on March 2 US time (since we don't usually work on weekends).

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    @myskaros That is awesome! I can't tell you how many times I've decided not to pick up a series on the monthly catch up list because I wasn't sure how long I had left and didn't want to get cut off mid way, only for the next months catch up to not turn up for ages.

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    Hi everyone!

    Just a reminder that catchups will be changing on Monday, so make sure you finish catching up with the Jan/Feb series ^_^

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    Last day. Time to try and go through at least one volume in 24 hours. xD