Shakugan no Shana novels licensing?

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    So what saddens me is that Shakugan no Shana never got full licensed. The anime and manga were big but the novels the only volumes 1 and 2 were licensed (by VIZ, and then discarded, doing nothing with the license) way before the light novel boom.

    Would it be possible for J-novel club to acquire the licensing for the novels, either by VIZ or negotiating to release the remaining light novel volumes 3 to 26 so we can finish the series?

    It's one of the series I believe is regrettable that it wasn't given a chance to finish due to poor PR decisions, and lack of foresigjt regarding light novels. Back then nobody thought light novels would sell well because of slow turn over. Now with the current digital age of social media and the profitability of the light novel boom, I can guarentee Shakugan no Shana will be very popular.

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    According to the compiled list of title suggestions the topic for this series would be found here:

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    Like @SomeOldGuy posted above there is an established topic for this title, I encourage you to show your support in that topic, for now I will be locking this topic down due to being a duplicate.

    Scratch that, this topic has more to do with whether or not it would even be possible for J-Novel Club to license it rather then a suggestion topic, so I will move it to a different section, and I still encourage you to post about your desire for this title in the link provided above.

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    @rahul-balaggan how would I encourage j-novel club to consider acquiring the license for Shakugan no Shana? I would love this to be on their recommended list to consider.

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    It unfortunately really isn’t that simple, before anything can happen J-Novel Club needs to establish a relationship with Dengeki Bunko (Kadokawa). They have never licensed anything from Dengeki Bunko, and we know they went after Kino no Tabi and didn’t get it, so that is already a strike against it.

    They have licensed from other Kadokawa labels but all Kadokawa labels have their own independent licensing departments so just cause they got a few from one Kadokawa property doesn’t mean the others will fall in line.

    The biggest deterrent here is that Kadokawa owns 51% of Yen Press, that will forever translate into getting any Kadokawa title will be an uphill battle.

    That doesn’t mean all hope is lost, if J-Novel Club’s other old school titles sell well (which so far they have not in the least) they may go even harder at trying to rescue other titles.

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    @bookmaniareader Support J-Novel Kadokawa licenses, support Tokyopop rescues, support longer J-Novel titles, tell your friends to support support J-novel club in general, etc. It is insanely expensive to license a top Kadokawa title and translate from scratch 26 volumes, and you need to convince Sam that investing in longer series is worth it. Because as it stands, many of the longer JNC titles and the Tokyopop rescues aren't making a profit. Also as Rahul said above, JNC hasn't even made a single license with Dengeki Bunko, much less rescued a 26 volume series. It's a long shot for sure, but your best bet is to help expand J-Novel Club's customer base and help JNC grow as a company.

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    @bookmaniareader said in Shakugan no Shana novels licensing?:

    I can guarantee Shakugan no Shana will be very popular.

    I wonder if it's a few years too late now. I used to see posts and news about the series often a few years back but until your post I hadn't seen anything or thought about the series for awhile.

    Proof that we're getting ... less young: the anime is now 15 years old.