A-Rank Boukensha no Slow Life (romantic R18)

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    Light novel covers :

    Other Titles : An A-Ranked Adventurer's Slow Life/Aランク冒険者のスローライフ
    Author : Renkin-Ou
    Artist : Katou Itsuwa (Vol 1), Hayama Eishi (Vol 2-present)
    WN link : https://novel18.syosetu.com/n7437du/
    Genre : Fantasy, Romance, Slow Life, Smut
    Publisher : Frontier Works
    Manga adaptation : Yes
    Volumes : 3 (and possibly ongoing)

    Synopsis : 28 year old orphan turned adventurer, Aldred, is at the peak of his career and leader of the prestigious Black Silver adventurer group. However, he's always longed for a quiet peaceful life and has grown increasingly wary of the kingdom's efforts to leash him to their nation. Thus he decides to swiftly disband the party (with his teammates' support) and retire to the charming village of Nordende, where he might just find peace, a slow life and true love...

    Description :

    I've seen suggestions that J Novel Club consider an R18 label, and if it were to be implemented I think A-Rank would make both an appropriate yet sweet and gentle entry.
    The story's primarily a fluffy, slow-paced, romantic slice of life series with consensual, loving R18 smut scenes, and an overarching plotline across the books (for plot lovers).
    To break down the story structure:

    Manga covers for those interested:

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    +1 for fluffy consensual-between-adults-who-aren't-siblings romance and horizontal fun time
    +1 for SOL
    +1 for what sounds like a plot/ meaningful / interesting story

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    Read WN up to somewhere around second sex scene. Wasn't impressed, honestly. Ero was no better than your usual copy-paste nukige script, plot was your usual city-folk fantasies about idillic life in a countryside.

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    @Wellwisher Granted, A Rank isn't the most creative, unusual entry. But it's sweet, safe and romantic, which I think will make it a good entry point for a wider, more mainstream readerbase that wants R-18 works which aren't too...unconsensual, rapey or weird.

    I say this because of a discussion I had about A-Rank on another forum with experienced Syosetu readers who've trawled it's R-rated section, Nocturne (aimed at males, there's a female-targeted one called Moonlight). They were very surprised at how safe and "vanilla" it was, given the stories they'd read there always seemed to go into fetish-like, gangbanging or rapey areas. One of them even went as far to say Nocturne's works were incapable of staying popular with monogamy alone, and needed rape to spice things up and keep their reader interest.

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    I agree, I have hoping the TL on the WN would go past chapter 82, but I guess they are on break.
    Things I like about this Novel:

    1. MC isn't uncommitting/pushover/sniveling idiot, who actually talks to the other characters instead of just Internal Monologuing all the tim.
    2. The Romance building is genuine with the slice of life aspects.
    3. The romance has substance and not just empty scenes.
    4. I never really cared if there was the ERO R-18 scenes as the story for me is great.
    5. There are a couple fights, but nothing major so again it falls more to Slice of Life.