Get Past July Quickly with Catchups!

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    Can you believe that 2020 is half over? Time to kick off the second half of the year with new catchups!

    We've been translating a couple classic series, and now you can check them out from volume 1! With an anime adaptation that first aired in 2002 and a new season as recently as 2018, Full Metal Panic! is a boy-meets-girl story... about a boy soldier-slash-mech pilot and a regular high school girl who might just have psychic powers. Another series with a classic anime and recent reboot, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen follows the titular Orphen, one of the strongest sorcerers, who just wants to make a quick buck, but somehow keeps finding himself involved in crazy adventures.

    Another series with a recent anime, Demon Lord, Retry! is the story of a MMO admin who gets trapped in another world as his MMO character. In trying to find a way back to Japan, he ends up turning the entire world upside down!

    For those of you tired with standard action stories, Seriously Seeking Sister! is a oneshot about an ancient vampire... who really wants a little sister to dote on! Then, we have the fan-favorite An Archdemon's Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride - the evil sorcerer Zagan falls for an elf slave and spends his entire fortune to buy her... but now what?! He may be a master of magic, but he's an amateur when it comes to love!

    Members can check out over 30 volumes in these series during the month of July!

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    I'm only reading FMP in physical form - because I can, damn it! - and already read elf bride and orphan but I didn't get to read past the first part or two of seeking sister so I'm glad I'll be able to go back and finish it.