Neechan wa Chuunibyou

  • I Would like to know if this novel is anygood?
    Does it have incest and a harem?IS it a romantic harem or just a guy surronded by girls?I want to know how people feel abut the novel and what it includes

  • Staff

    First off for what it's worth I really enjoy the whole series so far...granted to you I am a total stranger.

    Regarding incest, there is a let's say:

    Regarding the Harem:

    If you happen to read the free preview of volume 1 on the site then you will know what power the main protagonist has, and if you know that I will say this, it definitely is a romantic Harem...however with no real "action", harem action that is.

    For people that read all of volume 1 I think most of not all would agree it is a romantic Harem by the "titles", given to certain characters.

    Here are some manga/novels I think if you enjoyed Might mean you would enjoy this series:

    Lastly what I need is an anime of this series, and then I need some notable Doujinshi Circles to make some Doujinshi on this series, and then I will buy those Doujinshi. However this last part does not directly relate to the series at all.

  • @Rahul-Balaggan
    Hehehe I have read all of those you have recommended
    Who wouldnt read a Hentai version of this lol

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