Bug with Potion Loli Premium Epubs

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    After I've converted the premium epubs to mobi using calibre and load it on to my kindle, the book will open starting at the color illustrations at the end, and then I have to navigate to the start of the novel again.

    Unfortunately, I don't know exactly what's causing the issue, but I've read close to 60 premium epubs on my kindle that I've converted using calibre and Potion Loli 1 and 2 are the only ones that have started at the end. It's possible that some kind of metadata tag wasn't changed/removed when the pictures were moved, but that's just a guess.

    Edit: I've only purchased #1 and #2 so far, so I'm not sure if 3-5 do it too.

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    Just wanted to note that I ran into the same issue with a number of other books. The issue appears to be that the kindle assigns some special significance to files within the ebook structure which have "frontmatter" in the name. I was able to correct this manually by editing the book using Calibre before converting it to MOBI format.

    I'll list the details in the spoiler block below so they don't take up a ton of space:

  • Have you checked toc.ncx and toc.xhtml have the same order?
    I've seen a few cases when they had a different order and it caused problems with some readers which use toc.ncx as a guide to order the epub pages.
    You can check both using any text editor.

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