Devil May Cry, the Novel

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    Written by Goikeda Shinya (後池田 真也) with the assistance of Kamiya Hideki (神谷 英樹) and illustrations by Miwa Shirow (三輪 士郎).

    Originally published in 2003 by Kadokawa Shoten
    Published in English in 2006 by Tokyopop

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    This one is begging for a license rescue. Or, maybe, it's just me begging.
    I remember it pretty fondly and thought it served well as a companion piece to the games.
    While the majority of the novel's story got forced out of canon, it's still a good read and contains relevant bits and pieces of lore, some of which are mentioned in the later games.
    It also features Dante from Devil May Cry.

    I've no idea how reasonable of a request this is, but hey, worth a shot.

  • Hmm, pass.

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