Why are some manga suddenly getting "REBOOTED"? Are they to... "GOOD"? Or are they not "GOOD ENOUGH"?

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    So, recently I've noticed that some manga series are basically making to one volume and then being suddenly stopped and rebooted so to speak. I'm really wondering why that is. Unfortunately for me, I haven't found any problems in the initial rendition of the manga adaptations of the light novels to which they are based. One such example can be found with "Der Werwolf" manga.

    I have to say that I was initially drawn to this series because of the manga, which happened to be stopped about around the same time that JNC picked up the light novel so that was a good thing for me because I got to continue the story. But why was the 1st adaptation canceled? Was it too good? Was it not good enough? Did the mangaka not have time to work on the series? We don't, or at least I don't, know why it was suddenly canceled and then rebooted later on. Here are some examples of the 1st edition and then the reboot now licensed by JNC.

    This is from the initial rendition of "Der Werwolf". For me, not only did I fall in love with the story, but the artwork as well.
    This version also followed the Light Novel much more closely.

    And this is the reboot. This has a much more relaxed art style than the 1st edition did. But why completely revamp the art and the story? This version takes a much lighter take on the story vs. the light novel. Was it done to make it more kid friendly, or is there another reason.

    Another JNC title that had an initial manga see a reboot was "The Greatest Magicmaster's Retirement Plan". Again we see much the same thing happen here as did with "Der Werwolf".

    1st rendition.

    Second rendition.

    Again we see the artwork and story relaxed quite a bit. Is it that the manga can't be as serious as the light novel that brought it into being, or am I missing something here?

    I'm sure there are other examples, but since these deal with current JNC titles I thought these would be most relevant. I would also like to stipulate that I'm not knocking either rendition of either series. I'm glad that JNC picked up the "Der Werwolf" manga and I feel that it too has it's own unique charm. But his seems to be happening more often in the manga scene so I thought that it might be a valid topic to discuss.

    So, what are your thoughts everyone?

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    I have removed several image links in your post, as they linked to aggregate sites

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    So there were images to show the before reboot and after reboot difference, but JNC saw fit to remove them for whatever reason. If you wish to see the difference you will have to do the leg work on your own. Sorry.

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    Der Werwolf manga(current) isn't a recent reboot, first volume came out in 2017.

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    @lighthawk96 said in Why are some manga suddenly getting "REBOOTED"? Are they to... "GOOD"? Or are they not "GOOD ENOUGH"?:

    but JNC saw fit to remove them for whatever reason.


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    Regarding "The Greatest Magicmaster's Retirement Plan", it got a reboot because the first mangaka got sick and couldn't continue with the series anymore so it was cancelled.

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    It's not really that uncommon. In some cases it happens because the mangaka gets sick or is unable to continue. In some cases it simply isn't popular and the publisher wants to try again. I've also seen cases where there was always plans to have two different versions because they appeal to two different demographics... Escaflowne comes to mind for that.

    Of course, you also have cases where the mangaka does something that gets them fired. I remember one case where someone was hired to adapt a show, but then also turned around and released R-18 doujinshi of the same series using their same art style and the publisher did not take it well. I'm drawing a blank on what series it was though.

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    One word answer: Greed.

    More nuanced answer: Early volumes of series always sell much better than the later volumes (right almost no one starts a series at volume 10). Given the rising popularity of manga/LN in the west, it's pretty possible that they are trying to reboot the series with a more 'western friendly' veneer so that they can get people interested in the book and have higher sales. Though just trying to make it more in line with popular trends in Japan could be possible too. The changes could also be done so that they are different enough that the old audiences will find it worth reading again since just having a new art style might not be enough for them to come back.

    Hopefully, they don't follow the trend of American comic books and just constantly reboot their series with more and more bland characters and writing. Cause then the JP publishers are going to push away audiences for the same reason western audiences are abandoning comics.

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    I've seen some manga get "rebooted" because of creative differences between the author and the artist which results in the manga stopping after one or two volumes. Rather than just continue onward with a new artist and have the artstyle change wildly in between volumes, sometimes they just decide to start over.

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    Idk, but honestly im still thinking about "by the grace of the gods". As a story its fine but how can a novel end like that? Every volume ends like commercial brake. I feel author saying "5 min break guys, i'll be back" and keeps in next volume never didnt end of the previous book.

    Its a reboot, you might think they would do something about it but nah, its just free money. At least i got that kind a vibe.

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