Clearing an Isekai with the Zero Believers Goddess, the Weakest Mage amongst the Classmates

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    Title : Clearing an isekai with the zero believers Goddess, the weakest mage amongst the classmates / [Weakest Mage]
    Author : Isle Osaki
    Illustrator : Tam-U
    Publisher : Overlap
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    Couldn't see this one on the list but it's one of my current favourites.
    A standard class summoning with our hero only receiving weird skills and status values lower than those of an average citizen.

    He is left behind in the temple as his classmates are picked up by various countries.

    Does our hero turn into Edgy McEdgelord and vow revenge against the world? No, he resolves to just learn what he can and live his life in the best way possible like the optimist he is. But on his first night away from the temple a meeting in his dreams will change his destiny forever....

    This is a comedy action harem series with all the usual things that implies - overpowered waifus, devious goddesses and the odd battle. Overall though it's really good fun and I'd love to see it licensed.

    Vol 1 Cover

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    I liked it much more than I thought I would, mainly because of the reasons stated by OP. It also pulled "weakest, but OP" card really nice - protagonists basic "firepower" is low, and doesn't change much throughout the series, most of his powerups are external and/or limited in use due to terrain/usage/time/etc. limits, so he has to be creative with his methods, and most of them are hinted on/explained/foreshadowed beforehand, so it doesn't look like asspull.
    Series even features male support characters that aren't comic relief who are OP in their own ways and cover for MC's shortcomings and even get laid before MC
    Overall it's rather lighthearted read, though it does periodically hits in the feels darker moments, especially when it comes to religion and politics, and not in typical "bad nobles bad" way - most of the time their actions have pretty solid reasons behind them, even if consequences are really unpleasant.