Kuudere Sugiru Mirai no Yome no Mendouna 7-kakan

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    Kuudere Sugiru Mirai no Yome no Mendouna 7-kakan

    Publisher: Osiris Bunko
    Author: Kizamu Kiri
    Illustrator: Unasaka


    Picking up what appeared to be a runaway girl, next to the cigarette vending machine at a convenience store, Hira Katsuki, the protagonist, reluctantly takes her home to protect her, thinking it would be troublesome to leave her with a handmade cardboard tag around her neck that says "Please pick me up" and that she would be involved in a crime if left unattended. When he asks her why she ran away from home, she continues to joke around about it. The two gradually come to know each other through their conflicting conversations, and promise to live together for one week only.


    Seems like a fluffy version of Hige Wo Soru from what I'm hearing about it. I'm always on the lookout for more fluffy romcoms and this is the latest one I've come across. It has ecchi/smut which is a genre that hasn't been licensed much. In regards to ecchi/erotic/smut titles, it's pretty well established with a dedicated following for the fluffy side of the story.

    Volume 1 Cover