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  • Magical★Explorer - It Seems I Have Become a Friend of the Protagonist In An Eroge World, But Because Magic is Fun I Have Abandoned The Role And Train Myself
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    Author: Irisu
    Illustrated: Noboru Kannatsuki
    Publisher: Sneaker Bunko (Vol. 1-3)
    Original Run: November 2019 - Present
    Status: Ongoing

    Sypnosis: There’s a legendary Bishoujo Game that has become popular among Japanese gentlemen. Its name is “ Magical★Explorer” or Magieku for short. The game’s protagonist has a cheat-like power with12 different beautiful heroines to flirt with, including additional 12 heroines from the DLC, a harem of 24 beauties. I have become that protagonist!………………Not. Instead, I have become the third-wheel character who always laughing like an idiot next to him. There’s no heroine that would lay their eyes on me.

    But now I couldn’t care less about the protagonist and his heroines. Why? Because I discovered magic. While I was using it, I have become interested in it. I want to master it. I want to become the strongest. Thus I have decided. I would abandon half my role as a protagonist’s friend to train my magic and then I would beat the hell out of that cheat who can solo the Demon King.

    ………..I was training with that thought in mind, but somehow I keep getting closer to the heroines and furthermore, I don’t know why I keep encounter events like I am some Eroge’s protagonist.

    PS: This light novel is R-15

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    Surprisingly pretty good. Also their LN trailer was pretty and actually used eroge OP as their advertising material lol

  • I just wish this light novel becomes licensed by J-Novel.

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    Definitely would like to see this licensed, though J-novel may have issues doing so since it is published by Sneaker Bunko which is owned by Kadokawa which means it is more likely to be taken by Yen Press if it does get an English release.

  • @towareido What type of issues? Sorry for being ignorant about this, this the first time I know this.

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    @darkangel1992 Kadokawa (the JP Publisher) is notoriously tough to convince to license their works out to anyone other than Yen Press. Yen Press is another English Publisher, but their stock majority is owned by Kadokawa so it's essentially a subsidiary of Kadokawa. Thus, Kadokawa likes to funnel their requested titles through Yen Press.

    The problem the English market has with this is that Kadokawa is a juggernaut in Japan that owns virtually half the Light Novel industry so it's ridiculous to restrict half the titles through a single English Publisher. We are seeing progress though from Seven Seas is convincing Kadokawa to license to them instead of YP thankfully.