Any plans of picking up Sci-Fi novel?

  • We have too many fantasy novel and not enough futuristic sci-fi novels. Something in the line of star-trek would be a nice change from all the adventure/fantasy novels out now. What do the rest think?

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    I wouldn't mind some more space exploratory sci-fi, but I'm not sure if there are any light novels which are both good and unlicensed. Also, you are aware that VRMMO novels are basically the same as Star Trek holo deck episodes, right ;-)?

  • Lol... VRMMO? not another one of those and also reincarnation. Need diversity on novels to be read. Same genre would get tiring after some time.

  • I would like a hard sci-fi novel if possible. But there aren't so many of those in Japan either.

  • I want to read Mouretsu Pirates

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    I'd definitely be up for a sci-fi series, hard or otherwise! I'd even be up for a sci-fi isekai story, hehe. :tongue:

    @Hakomari said in Any plans of picking up Sci-Fi novel?:

    I would like a hard sci-fi novel if possible. But there aren't so many of those in Japan either.

    Have you checked out Haikasoru's releases? I remember reading that Orbital Cloud was hard sci-fi and I know they have various sci-fi titles - I'm really enjoying Legend of Galactic Heroes, myself.

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    Sci-fi Isekai

    Omg Yessss. I have been trying to make Sam license "I got reincaranted and mistaken as a genius?!" but I doubt it is will happen, seeing how the author hasn't updated the WN for a while and only 3 volumes of the LN are published. Although I don't even know if it counts as an isekai because the main character is reincaranted into a more developed alternate timeline not another world. It is the best sci-fi/comedy LN I have read.

  • I'd be up for any genre type LN added to the titles here at JNC tbh. Sci-Fi is one of my favorite genres in general tho, so that will make it even better.

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    Well, we did get four new titles already. I think what we need the most right now is an improved website and a better mobile application.

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    @Hakomari Have you read Cage of Zeus? That one is good. Lots of focus on gender identity in a world where Science has made it possible for men and women to have either / both sex organs if they so choose, along with colonization efforts of the moons of Jupiter.

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    Soo, basically everyone is a futanari?

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    @Hakomari Some people are hermaphroditic by choice, while others are "genetically engineered hermaphrodites" that are their own race basically called Rounders, the future human (I haven't gotten too far, but I assume the purpose is that they'll be inhabiting harsh environments, so they need as many males and females to survive as possible).

    There's still a lot of xenophobia in the story since it takes place in the not so distant future (one cop was taken aback at his daughter marrying a transgender). Hermaphrodites are still very much the "other" in terms of identity, and Rounders are at the lowest of the totem poll.

  • @Terrence damn, sounds so damn interesting.

  • @Hakomari it's never enough XD, on the other hand yeah website improvements would be nice aswell.

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