Arifureta Manga

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    The Arifureta manga has been running for a year or so now. Has anyone been reading the manga?

    Here's the rundown of how the manga's doing:

    • 12 chapters released (Technically, the true number of chapters are 13 chapters due having a chapter 0. /Chapter 13 will be released later today in raw.)

    • 1 tankōbon volume released.

    • Updated usually monthly around 10th - 20th of the month.

    • It is serialized online in Overlap's manga imprint, Comic GARDO.

    Check it out if you haven't! Thoughts, Questions, Answers, Hopes, Doubts?

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    Well, I follow it from the start and art is actually good. Also, spin-off manga of their daily life should come out this summer. I have posted before pic in Arifureta LN part.

  • I've been reading it. Art is pretty edgy, but overall, it's kind of typical in how to not do a manga adaptation. The action scenes are kind of garbage in that you can't tell what's going on with the art. There's quite a bit of rushed/skipped content so far. And there's even been a change or two.

    I own the manga volume 1 just cause it's Arifureta and I wanted to collect stuff.

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    @Aruseus493 Actually, yes, it skipped stuff, but it is an adaptation, so you can´t avoid that. But it is still better than Mushoku manga, if you read, you know about what I am talking. And about art? Bah, I don´t think so. For now, the one thing I didn´t like, was Hajime weapon in Hydra fight, but I can tell you, that rating for this manga art is actually not low. Action scenes are not strong side, but I have seen much worse than this. Also, Hydra drawing was actually pretty nice. Just saying. But I must admit, that in Hydra fight, the panels were quite messy. (And one last thing, it is manga adaptation, and adaptation usually don´t follow original source step by step, if it will be like that, then for vol 1 LN there will be too many chapters, when you consider length of the LN. For example missing scene with Yuuka, don´t have so big impact, at least for me.)

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    Noticeable differences so far:

    I realize it's a manga adaptation and they're not typically up to LN quality. I realize they're not all one to one with Light Novels. However, that's a terrible thing in the current state considering most manga adaptations of light novels are garbage with very few actual faithful/decent ones. One or two would be the Gate manga which the mangaka has really done well which I feel makes it surpass the LN and anime when it comes to detail and thrilling action scenes. Then there's Danmachi which is pretty much straight forward almost 1 to 1.

    If a manga adaptation wants to be original/separate from the LN, they should be putting more or actually doing something unique with the content like Sword Art Online Progressive's manga which is from Asuna's perspective while also adding and changing stuff to make it a somewhat more comedy orientated manga. There's also the Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou manga which is different from both the anime and light novel going as far as to make one of the characters a romantic interest that wasn't in the LN. Seitokai no Ichizon while sharing similar events, has a lot more self-awareness than the anime and actively points out discrepancies like the school building being different and how it ended without reaching the same plot points of the anime.

    Honestly though, the art for Arifureta's manga adaptation doesn't mean much to me when it feels like the very classical example of how not to do a manga adaptation. I'd say the paneling is more than a little messy considering it's been a regular point of criticism in just about every manga chapter discussion on /r/manga when it comes to action scenes. On the topic of artwork, I'm not even really happy with the LN artwork outside of the cute girls. Having collected the illustrations for the first 5 volumes, it seems like the author can't really do action scenes without just doing close ups of the characters themselves. I hope an anime does the action scenes right which would match up with how thrilling it is written.

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    @Aruseus493 Well, as you say it is trend in current mangas, that they don´t follow really close the original source. (Goblin Slayer is better in this actually) And, there is not much current series that actually keep pace with LN. And when you compare amount of things in vol 1, the chapter amount will be around 30+ if they will follow it close, what will be not good for manga adaptation, at least from their point of view it looks like that. For me the parts with classmates don´t mean much honestly, cuz the important stuffs happen from vol 3+ and we know from the manga, that they relationships is bad.
    I agree with you, that this is not best example how to do manga adaptation, even when there are worse adaptations for current series. However I don´t agree with you, that this manga is on garbage level. Also, that your point about drawing is quite off, but well, it is only my opinion (my ex wife is concept artist so I know things or two) after I read some reviews too.
    The art can´t compensate for flaws, at least in this case, but still, this manga is not on the last place between current adaptations and I finished WN and catch up with vol 6 of LN, I can say that I enjoy it. ( I not really enjoy Hydra part, but well, can´t be helped )
    At the end of the day it is just mine and yours opinion. There are people that like it and there are ppl that don´t. For me it is actually a nice bonus to the Arifureta itself. And there is nothing that can surprise me, cuz I know WN and LN too. So who cares :)

    I count as a good adaptation Sword Oratoria one, because there actually manga expand even LN details. You can find Ais point of view or details about what she thinks exclusive only in manga.

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    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. I've read quite a bit of manga adaptations myself, but I can't really compare a lot of them to their Light Novels because of the fact that many of the Light Novels are untranslated. Clockwork Planet is another manga adaptation I really just dislike considering how rushed it is compared to the Light Novel.

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    @Aruseus493 If I should write here list of rushed manga adaptations, we will be here long time. Cuz it is not only current trend, this state is in manga industry for longer. At least in LN adaptations, that I can agree with you.

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    Very few people can adapt Light Novels without rushing. It's still an issue in anime as well which is my one worry about what an Arifureta anime would look like.

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    @Aruseus493 If you like Danmachi and didn´t read Sword Oratoria manga adaptation, I recommend it. It is really nice expanding part of the LN.

  • @sparhawk6 I do read the Danmachi SO adaptation. Whenever I read anything Danmachi, I end up always re-reading the manga adaptations to help supplement visuals and get some decent details.

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    @Aruseus493 Yep, if there is one I do the same.

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    I have been reading the manga and it pretty much follows the LN pretty closely. While there are some little things left out here and there it is basically the same. The LN just gives you more story. The artwork is pretty good and I look forward to it every month. If I have one complaint about it it would be that the chapters are really short even despite leaving out some of the material from the LN. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone so if you take a look at it and read the manga and have already read the LN then you will know what I am talking about. But other than that I think it is worth checking out.

  • the manga is decent IMO, still skips quite a few parts and the fight with the Hydra does gloss over some of the early stages of the fight... but damn, that Hydra looks badass, I like it a lot better than the color rendition of the first LN volume