Windows Phone native client

  • Hi,

    I'm currently using a Windows Phone device and from what I can see, it doesn't seem like there's a native JNC app on the Windows Store available as of yet. Is there any way I can make my own client app for Universal Windows Platform for personal use? Does JNC have an API I could use for this?


  • @Reyth I actually had a similar idea but for windows phone 8 (because IE is the only browser there so you can't even use web reader), dunno when I'll have time/motivation to try actually doing things, though.
    As for API, there was a related thread (or you could figure things out by monitoring traffic in browser or app, it's pretty straightforward).

  • I see what you mean. WP 8.1 might need the native app even more so than 10. Thanks for the link, I'll read the thread when I'll get home. I know I can just capture the trafic from the browser but I'd rather do it officially if possile.


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