Alderamin on the Sky

  • Man the anime was f*cking amazing and i dont thing there would be 2nd season and i really wanna know whats gonna happen after the anime ,its getting pretty good soo i thought it would be cool if J-Novel Club pick it up. Who´s with me ?????

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    FYI: There's already a thread at to request series titles (and Alderamin ought to be mentioned there already).

    Unfortunately, it's published by Ascii Media Works, part of Kadokawa, so it's unlikely to be published by in the near future.

  • @TheRedJet welcome, let's suffer together. That pain when something great ends. And it doesn't seem like the fan translations have reached that far(last time I checked). But man, it would be great if it got picked up

  • Is there really no chance of this series being picked up by j novel club or any other publisher? :(

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    @Yukino2002 The chances aren't zero, but the chances of any particular series getting licensed are rarely good. Plenty of great series never get picked up. It does not help that the anime for this series was 4 years ago or that the book series has already finished in Japan, since it seems like it's usually the case that series that are still being released in Japan have a better chance of getting licensed. It's much rarer that a completed series gets licensed.

    Because Kadokawa owns 51% of Yen Press, it's usually Yen Press that licenses Kadokawa series. So, the odds are always much lower that a Kadokawa series will be licensed by a company other than Yen Press, and since the anime was released several years ago, it's unlikely (though certainly not impossible) that Yen Press would license it at this point. JNC seems to almost exclusively license newer, unknown series. So, that further reduces the odds of them licensing something like Alderamin on the Sky, though they do occasionally license older series (even much older in some cases), so the odds aren't zero. However, they're not good.

    I haven't gone digging to see if there's a thread for Alderamin on the Sky in the "Licensing Suggestions!" section, but if one isn't there, it should be added. If a lot of interest is shown there, it might increase the odds of the series being licensed, but it's almost never a good bet that any particular series will be licensed. So, we can definitely hope that it will be licensed by someone, but I wouldn't bet on it happening.

  • @Kalessin There is a forum in the 'license suggestion' sections and people do participate and comment there from time to time. It hasn't been very long since I started reading light novels, so, really grateful for the explanation. I didn't really know much about yen press policies or customs. Honestly, I have been trying at seven seas entertainment too, filling 'alderamin on the sky' in their monthly surveys, where they ask the readers' suggestion. I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed for this series, as well as the author's new one which has been on quite the roll as well named 'Seven Magic Swords Rule'. Thanks again, much appreciated. ^_^

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