Any Light Novel Suggestions?!!

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    Hey, everyone! Although I'm not even close to finishing the Grimgar Of Fantasy series, I'm trying to decide what LN I should read next but it's too hard since I'm indecisive. So are there any LN that's worth looking into that I should read? If so please tell me and I'll be sure to consider reading it! Also to make things easier, stating down the genre would be amazing, thanks!

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    @phobes Do you want to limit yourself to what is available on In that case, I would recommend

    • In another world with my Smartphone – a slice of life Isekai which is as far removed from Grimgar as possible. Cute girls, dei ex machina, pervert machina ex Babylon, crazy deeds and moé chibi Kaiju. You can find them all there, and sometimes the hero even uses his smartphone
    • Invaders of the Rokujoma – after 6 volumes I still don't know where exactly this is heading, but it's a nice slice of lifey harem(?) with great character interaction. All girls get development, the banter with the protagonist is super fun and the villains are so far more cheesy than dangerous.
    • Infinite Dendogram – Are you looking for your typical trapped in a game LN? You won't find it here. In this VRMMORPG novel, the players can easily log out (and have to when they need to use the toilet). However, if it's really super realistic, can you still treat it as only a game? Find out more in this series with quirky characters, villainous villains, super odd RPG jobs (journalist? PIMP?!?) and insanely dressed characters powerful players. Just beware of overbearing bear puns, those can be (p)awful.
    • The Faraway Paladin. It's an isekai. There are many of those. But this one is different. You don't find any common Isekai tropes. Instead, you have the heartwarming story of a boy raised by three undead former heroes in a city of ruins. Why are they undead? Why are there ruins? Find out more in the first volume in a very western fantasy story!

    Someone else ought to shill the other novels. But maybe you're interested in other genres? Or want a physical book that's not Grimgar or Occultic;Nine? Then maybe consider

    • The Monogatari series. Mystery with great foreshadowing, a leaky 4th wall and a harem of best girls. Also proving that Japanese puns can be translated into English.
    • Spice & Wolf: Medieval economics were never that enthralling. Comes with an annoying adorable wolf girl for free.
    • The Book Girl series. Proving that LNs can also do drama.

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    Rather than genre, I'll list them by what mood they invoke.

    American Gangsta mood? - Baccano

    What Am I Doing With My Life Mood? - Welcome to the NHK

    Madoka Magica Mood? - Magical Girl Raising Project

    Need An Strong Male Protagonist Who Shines Above His Female Counterparts? - My Big Sister Lives In a Fantasy World: The World's Strongest Little Brother

    Itching For A Mystery Whodunit? - Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers

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    @jaquobus Sweet thanks! In Another World with my Smartphone looks really interesting so I'll be sure to check it out.

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    @terrence Oh my I love Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers so much. Personally I love animes with a mix of action/mystery/(slight) romance. Do you know where I can find the Light Novel version?

  • I'll pass on suggesting JNC series since I can suggest almost all of them are worth a try.

    Isekai: Mushoku Tensei- Unfortunately this isn't yet licensed but in my humble opinion probably the #1 series in the isekai genre and it's also complete. Even if you're not a huge fan of isekai series it's still worth a read.

    Mystery: Hyouka- The anime was recently licensed (finally). Unless you specifically dislike the mystery genre I think anyone would enjoy this. Again yet to be licensed, unfortunately.

    Fantasy: Goblin Slayer- Yen Press. They just started with this. It's pretty gruesome at some points so fair warning. This is doubly recommended to anyone who likes D&D or LotR.

    Scifi/Fantasy: The Irregular at Magic Highschool and A Certain Magical Index- The former has a few unfortunate tropes mixed in but the detail the author put into the setting is great and I've found it rather engrossing. The latter is more lighthearted (at times) but there are a lot of parallels between the two. Both of these series are Yen Press.

    I think that's more than enough reading material on top of JNC's series. Enjoy!

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    @phobes said in Any Light Novel Suggestions?!!:

    @terrence Oh my I love Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers so much. Personally I love animes with a mix of action/mystery/(slight) romance. Do you know where I can find the Light Novel version?

    Only available physically right now. It's from Yen Press, so all Major retailers where books are sold (volume 2 starts new stuff beyond the anime series, and that just released last week).

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    @gonki All right I'll be sure to check them out! Also do you know where I can get the Hyouka LN? Thanks for your help!

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    @terrence Ok thank you! Ill see if they have it in my local book store

  • @phobes Well for the untranslated works they're likely available through import sites, although the series is actually a bit old. For fan translations... well they definitely exist. I'd rather refrain from linking to them.

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    @gonki Ahh ok thanks so much, Ill probably read Hyouka after I finish Grimgar

  • @gonki Hyouka is also available from the Japanese BookWalker site, and you can use an account from the global site to purchase it (the book itself is Japanese-only, obviously).

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