Missing Chapters in "How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Vol 1" [SOLVED]

  • I bought this ebook on Amazon but it seems that I am missing some chapters. I only have the prologue and chapter 1. I tried re-downloading the chapter but nothing is updated. Is it possible I have a preview copy? Also the first page of the prologue say something around "this is a free preview"... Help.

  • Staff

    @vza004 so this was an issue with people who bought realist hero way back when it was up for pre-order on Amazon.

    Take a look at this forum topic to see what what down.

    Bottom line is that you just have to contact amazon support and mention that the book has an update and they will push it to your account.

    You can also just go to your amazon account go to content and devices and you should be able to do a manual push update.

  • Thanks! Much appreciated. I will check it out.