@doceirias English actually has a lot of words for 'ghost' too. Like specter, phantom, spirit, apparition. I'm actually a bit of a folklore nut myself, so there are a lot of 'ghosts' that are of a specific type. Most people know poltergeists, but there's also fetches, which is basically yourself. If you see yourself, you die. Wraith comes from the old Norse word Vordr, which means 'ward' or 'warden'. It's a bit like a guardian spirit, until you die, then it becomes undead and haunts a person or place. There's the ubiquitous 'Lady in White', the generic parts being she is a scorned woman who murdered her children and then killed herself.
So there is a wealth of words to use in an English translation that could properly approximate their Japanese counterparts.
Although I do understand that the last thing a translator would want to do is extensive research the paranormal on top of their normal work.
I still want a translation of this so damn bad.
I needed to reiterate.
I've been waiting for ten years.