Volume 2 - Part 8:

[Generic] Nope, Ser Belano feels, again, really odd. I tried getting used to it but... I still think it's better to just go with the usual Sir/Dame/Lady/Mister/Miss respectively since the characters gender is known. (On another note I also had to search the Mx. prefix. First time I see it.) [10%] “This Drilldozer Shovel is something else!” ► The name before was Drill Bulldozer Shovel. (Did the hero come up with a nickname for it? lol) [28%] afraid, my sister the third princess. We had ► It should be Third Princess (Capitalized). [82%] being wrung out of her.“This general store is ► Missing space. [88%] surrounded by Gholl, Balirossa, and Uliminas, ► It should be Ghozal? [91%] “I’ll take care to reign that in,” Flio said. “From ► It should be rein.