Introduced in Volume 4

Flio and Rys's first son
Wyne calls him Gare-Gare
Named after Rys's late older brother Fengaryl

Flio and Rys's first birth daughter
Wyne calls her Eli-Eli
Named after a goddess from Flio's old world

A familiar of the Mistress of Evil (Sterner)
Travelling with Hero Gold-Hair

One of the Twelve Evil Generals
Decided to stop being evil after going sledding
Travelling with Hero Gold-Hair

Maglion, Powlion, Speelion
Djinn who mastered the [magic, power, speed] of the Dark World
Maglion is in Hiya's mindscape
Powlion is ded
Speelion is ???

Magic doll :|
Servant of Calsi'im
Makes tea