Thought Experiment: Changing a story

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    What small changes to a story can you guys think of and how will it affect the story (for better or worse). An example that comes to mind is giving Kirito some flaws and have the whole series take place in SAO. A combination of SAO and Abridged would be great for this.

  • In Arifureta

    The students from Japan were actual serfs from a village in that world.

    Ehit still “chose” them, and they were still buffed up (sans Hajime) and were taken the capital blah blah he still went into the labyrinth and Hajime was “...” then he crawled out of hell yada yada

    So instead of going back to his home of Nippon he would be fighting to get back to his village.

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    @rahul-balaggan I am not far into Arifureta but I hear Hajime makes guns and tanks(or army truck) and stuff that was not from that world. now, how would he make these or if he can't then what great things will he make?

    Edit: maybe he could make artificial animals like a horse or say a war elephant that could replace the vehicles.

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    Ragnarok volume 1 spoilers:

    I don't know if this is what you mean, but as I was reading "Ragnarok", and they started to hint at the summoning of our hero being not just an accident, but something that can be done deliberately, I started to suspect that maybe the main female leads of the Wolf kingdom may in fact be evil / manipulative (especially the blonde who he blamed himself for leading to her brother's death; figured she may be Yandere), and that the pink haired gal and her kingdom would be the innocent ones after the Wolf clan tried saying that saving her clan was not their problem. ...this unfortunately does not come to pass. =[

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    "small change..." well... sometimes this small change is nothing and other times destroy the story.

    How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord
    Diablo can break the slave spell, so he has no way to hide the reason to help them. He decides to separate from Shera/Rem and go alone.

    Later the city is destroyed for the demons, Rem is kinapped by Edelgart, Shera is r*ped by her brother, etc.

    Realist Hero

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    for Smartphone, Touya is replaced with Kazuma from Konosuba. The big things can still happen but all the character relationships and dynamics will be different. Touya (or Kazuma) will not be clueless to the girls' affection towards him, he may be more willingly return the love (maybe even with "Balloons).

  • For One Piece I would change it so they actually find One Piece.

    I don’t think anyone would buy that manga though, no one who reads One Piece reads it to see them actually find One Piece.

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    If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord

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    I would rewrite Konosuba to make it very serious, replace any humor with grittiness.

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    @the-green-death I got one for you, Goblin Slayer: a Rom-com between Goblins and female adventurers. Goblin is always misunderstood about his intentions towards Female adventurer. An unrequited love where Goblin yearns for Female adventurer and wants to show his love to her and wishes to have fun with her. Yet Goblin is flimsy since he falls for all females and wishes to do same with them.

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    My Little Sister Can Read Kanji - They live in a world where the populace believes for in "elder sister loving the brother" is more pure then little sister loving her brother. It is a horror story that no one can wake from.

    Mixed Bathing in another Dimension - He doesn't want to bath with women at all, he honestly want to get a team of all men and just Bro it up in the bath like some sort of sports team, but all these women adventurers keep joining him and asking to use his bath.

    Paying to Win in a VRMMO - No micro-transactios in game. He has to bribe his way outside of the game to up his stats and looks and not get caught.

    Outbreak Company - Instead of anime, a Kaiju (Giant Monster film) fan is the lead. Watch as he tries to catch fantasy RPG monsters, lure them into scale models of well known fantasy land cities, and have them fight.

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    @drone205 That sounds like a winner! You may want to email Yen Press!

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    Shield Hero: The Spear Hero's official title is "The D*** Hero"

    Every Harem MC: he is really a manipulative A-Hole who manipulates girls into loving him and getting into Fanservice moments. *with some exceptions like Bell, Even I who lives under a bridge cannot do this to Bell. Even if it is hypothetical.

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    @zchronos I want that Realist Hero spoiler as a side story novel

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    That spin-off would be cool if

  • This kinda makes me think of Tokyo Ghoul and RE: be warned this is a massive spoiler so if you don’t want to be spoiled don’t read it.

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    @bartzbb I'd be happy enough with...

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    @drone205 My personal favorite SAO variation is "Kirito missed that Ragout Rabbit". Talk about a game changer.