Fire Girl (An Adventure Series)

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    Fire Girl


    Author: Hoshizora, Meteor (Writer for Type-Moon, Script-Writer of World Conquest Zvezda Plot Anime)
    Illustrator: BUNBUN/abec (Illustrator for SAO, Character Designer for Yuuki Yuuna, Illustrator for Chronicle Legion, Campioness of Sanctuary, etc.)


    Hinooka Homura is an average high school girl with an upbeat attitude. While bored on her way home from school, she's invited by Touya Takumi to join the Exploration Club as a Magician. Now begins her life in the Exploration Club which has club activities visiting a planet several times the size of Jupiter known as Nutera. (Or Nutella)


    This is an Isekai series about a Genki protagonist and a new world. It's really a lot of fun as it conveys the wonder of a new world. The characters are hiking around and trying to establish research posts in Nutera. The series flips back and forth between Earth and Nutera as we learn about the organization that runs all of this exploration of a new world. The sense of adventure is something that really sticks out to me as well as the upbeat attitude of Hinooka. With interesting characters, drama, adventure, and even great illustrations, I really want this series licensed. Completed at 7 volumes, I think this would be a good series to license for people wanting something completed.

    Volume 1 Cover

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    Complete = upvote in my book. plus this looks really interesting.

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    @drone205 Indeed, it is interesting. And a complete series makes me even more interested.

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