Monster Tamer’s Fluffy Master-Apprentice Life

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    Monster Tamer’s Fluffy Master-Apprentice Life | Mamonotsukai no Mofumofu shitei Seikatsu
    Publisher: Hobby Japan
    Novel: 2 (Cancelled; Last volume released 5/2017)

    The young ‘monster tamer’, Shinra is an ally of monsters, creatures that live off mana, aiding their interactions with humans. He lives quietly in the forest, and is suddenly entrusted with something — the beautiful girl Alessa, carrying a small dragon! He accepts her when she says she has nowhere to go, and with Ruri, the girl that lived with him already, the three (and the dragon) start to live together, and Shinra teaches the joys of the world to Alessa.

    I'm interested in reading more fluffy, slice of life titles like this one. It reminds me of If It's for My Daughter minus the romance (which wasn't listed as a genre but could develop later I guess). Not to mention we don't have a monster tamer novel yet! How cool is that griffin?!

    MU, LNDB

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    I like Fluffy Slice of Life you got a upvote

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    I’m down for this. Love the cover art too, I get relaxed looking at it!

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    Can we make "fluffy fantasy slice-of-life" the next big genre on JNC? ...Probably not, but I definitely want more of it. Upvoted.

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    @stardf29 said in Monster Tamer’s Fluffy Master-Apprentice Life:

    Can we make "fluffy fantasy slice-of-life" the next big genre on JNC?

    Yes. We need the "Me the Panda and the prime minister" novel too, lol (I'm saving that request for a special occasion). More fluff!. xD

  • Yeah that cover seriously gives me a relaxed vibe.

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    It's mostly fluffy SoL so far, but it does seem like there's going to be plot, possibly fairly serious as well.

    It's somewhat saddening that there's been no sign of a third volume since June last year though.

    Also, I found this somewhere, and people might like it: v2 textless cover