Kamisuki Tooru no Kegare Naki Sekai

  • Kamisuki Tooru no Kegare Naki Sekai & Sosogi Sayoko no Yomigaeru Sekai

    They are a set BTW~

    To continue my series of requests that no one knows a thing about~

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    Publisher: Kodansha LIGHTNOVEL

    4th Kodansha's Newcomer Awards Grand Prize

    The truth is I don't know how to describe this one
    It's only on LNDB
    I've seen a lot of reviews praising it and it seems like it's mix of a lot of genres like family drama, fantasy, mystery and Romcom

    The main character, Rito, meets this girl who goes by name, "Touru" (Just like Towel). She is trying to replace this world filled with discrimination and prejudice and have this supernatural ability called "odd source"

    The 2nd novel is Rito waking up in empty amusement park. It is said that the world will perish unless she finds all the "gods" in this amusement park.
    The time limit is "until the life expires".
    Blocked away from time and space of the everyday world, the day repeats itself.
    At the beginning, she tackled the simple mystery positively, but her spirit starts to slowly fall as she caught in this prison where it seems like eternity.

    LNDB #1
    LNDB #2

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    Eh... Why was this put together as one post? Is it two stories in one book?
    The first one I'm not too fussed about, but the second one sounds interesting.

  • @fozzedout
    They are in the same series but separated on LNDB

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    Okay, I'll bite - if only for the groundhog day book.

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    this looks really interesting and it is only two books that are complete, so even better!