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    I'm surprised no one posted this one yet, here we go!

    Name: Campione!
    Publisher: Shueisha
    Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Supernatural
    Volume: 21 (Complete) + 1 Epilogue(?) Volume (Campione EX)
    Links: LNDB - MAL - NU

    A Campione – a Godslayer – is a supreme ruler.
    Since he can kill a celestial being, he can therefore call on the sacrosanct, divine powers wielded by the gods.
    A Campione – a Godslayer – is a lord.
    Since the power to kill a deity is in his hands, he therefore looms over all mortals on Earth.
    A Campione – a Godslayer – is a devil.
    Since of all mortals who live in the world, none can assume a power to match his!

    Kusanagi Godou, a 16 year old boy who played in the senior league as catcher and fourth hitter - that is, the cleanup - when he was in Junior High. However, an injury put an end to baseball.
    Though that was not the end for him. During the spring break of his third and last year in Junior High, he got involved in an adventure and ended up slaying one of the Heretic Gods, Verethragna. Thus, he became the youngest - and seventh - Campione.
    Now that he is a Campione, a godslayer, the young Godou must defeat the troublemaking gods, with the help of his followers!

    Source: Baka-Tsuki

    Cover 1st volume:
    Campione! LN 1st Volume Cover

    Why license it:
    I really liked the anime when it aired, but at the time I wasn't aware of LNs. I found out about the manga, not officially licensed either, but after 6 chapters it's already been scanlated by 3 different groups, and the last group has released only 3 chapters in more than 1 year. Anyway, back to why, the LN has a really interesting plot and I'd love to see how the story actually ends. Not to mention that the anime left a lot of things unsaid/assumed and certain parts are really hard to understand/follow (for example the match between Godou and another Campione named Salvatore Doni - it was never shown in the anime, only mentioned in passing). I found out only recently that the LN has actually been completely fan translated so I might give that a read if it never gets licensed. Unfortunately I don't understand a word of Japanese or I would have read the original directly.

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    I'll throw in my vote here. It's such a god damn great series.

    The author is really damn in-depth with his research of Gods and mythological figures which makes things really interesting. I think Campione! has created a bit of a chuuni in me with my love of looking up various random Gods.

    The action is top notch. Over the top battles aren't something easily done in any series. However, in Campione!, the battles between those that stole God level abilities and Gods are really damn great. They aren't world-destroying with just a pinkie, but their strength does not disappoint for what you expect.

    The harem is really good. The romance makes me happy. The flirting is fucking diabetes inducing. And the kissing is probably the lewdest in all of Light Novels.

    Overall, it's a great series I loved reading. I do have a few issues with the series such as how pitiable the protagonist is. Guy needs some male friendship time. The fan-translations for the last three volumes are also pretty damn terrible honestly. Name changes, weeaboo translations, and poor grammar. Then there are some spoilers that I'm disappointed with. Overall though, I fully intend on buying the series one way or another.

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    @aruseus493 I completely forgot to add the links, added them for LNDB, MAL, and NU in the first post.

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    HELL YEAH! You got my up-vote!

    @Terabyte though this is supposed to sell your suggestion if you want to still add the "Why Not License" part I would not have it at the end but somewhere in the middle, you can even rebuttal the points you made too. having it end on a negative point will leave a negative impression, and this will be what people who read the whole thing will remember.

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    @drone205 I think I'll just remove it, I actually meant to write something else there but ended up with those 2 (weak) motives in the end.

    I've also gone ahead and added some tags. I accept suggestions 😁

  • I can't really describe how much I love this series. The amount of research the author does for his series is amazing, which is the main reason I respect Takedzuki Jou. It really pulls my mythology/history buff heartstrings. The action is awesome, the fights between Campiones/Heretic Gods are so massive in scale, and the fanservice is sublime. It strikes a perfect balance between both.

    I love Campione with a passion, I would definitely re-read this series, even more if it would pave the path for more Takedzuki Jou series to be licensed. Like the sequel-not-sequel, or Chronicle Legion, or Meiyaku no Leviathan.

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    Looks like we're up to 24 votes for now.

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    My first LN, I would definitely buy it.

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    Ooooh I loved the anime! Always wanted to read the LN and I would definitely buy it.
    Even more if it was to be printed (would buy twice).

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    Putting my vote in here too. Would love to read this.

  • @michaelblue-the-king said in Campione!:

    Ooooh I loved the anime!

    As a fan of the novel since waaaaaay before the anime aired, and someone who HATED the anime for butchering the LN so much, I can only say that if you liked the anime, the LN would blow your mind.

    I just hope someone picks it up, Campione deserves a lot more love.

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    @paulnamida This reminds me of a certain Visual Novel I've read... what was the name.... oh yes! 11Eyes!

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    I would love this as well but there may be a problem with Licensing it. Someone should correct me if I am wrong but I believe this light novel changed publishers in the middle of the series. Making it so it may be difficult to get permission to publish it depending on the licensing agreement the author had with both publishers.

    I still would LOVE for it to be released. I desperately want to read this one as the Anime did not feel like it resolved much at all.

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    Just 1 more upvote and we reach 50 :-O

  • @terabyte I usually upvote about everything, can’t believe I forgot about this one. Well 50 now.

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    59 votes now, 1 more for 60. So, here's a little bump 😜

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    I really enjoyed the LN for this series but the fan translation for the first 10 volumes or so stopped and disappeared years ago (also the anime didn’t do its source material justice imo) definitely worth an upvote and if anyone responsible for JNC licencing reads this its 100% worth translating and adding to the JNC series list. ; )

  • @nonmelodic this series was in my plan to read list as i think it has complete fan translation. I just checked it again on novel update again after reading your comment and it is completly translated (on novel updates it show link from vol 18+ to 21 and at baka updates its till 18 volume). Is there some wrong info as you said its till translated only till vol 10??
    Correct me if i am wrong

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    The series is indeed fully fan translated. I didn't check it myself, but I read that the last volumes are really badly translated, though. Being able to read a proper translation (and supporting the author at the same time) would be much better.

    That's one of the reasons I haven't looked at the fan translation yet actually; another one being the lack of time (lol).

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    @bromit Really? it has been a few years since I last checked up on the series fan translation (stopped looking after baka tsuki got copy right striked a few years back and it was taken down). I'll have to catch up on volumes 11 onwards, thanks for the heads up xD (tho an official translation that supports the author would still be awesome).