Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!)

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    This is probably the most title I want from Kyoto Animation novels line (even more than Violet Evergarden)

    I really love how Yuuta and Rikka are together.
    The novels are really different from the anime, the couple progressed more.
    There are some absent characters like "DEATH girl" and the sleepyhead Kumin-senpai.

    There are 4 volumes so far.
    How KyoAni line works, makes it difficult to know if a series is ongoing or not.
    I thought it's done since volume 2 but now, we have 2 more so YEAH~

    4 volumes of cute Rikka, sweet romance, touching drama
    Who can say no to that?


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    Oh hell yes!

  • FUCK YES, bring this and drain my wallet

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    @bloodygaikotsu said in Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!):

    4 volumes of cute Rikka, sweet romance, touching drama
    Who can say no to that?

    Me D:

    I think I'm one of the only people who had some serious issues with the premise of the story. I mainly watched for the anime-original character Dekomori, so I don't even know if I'd like the novels lol. I found Rikka extremely annoying and some degree of obnoxiously conniving, while Yuuta was far too indulging and lacked the backbone to actually address the problem, choosing instead to let Rikka avoid confronting her trauma and continue imposing her antics on her family and school.

    Basically, the only way I could watch the anime was while willfully ignoring the deeper elements of the plot, otherwise it was a completely outrageous display of how not to handle someone acting out due to some form of trauma or depression.

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    The anime adaption is done by KyoAni right, if so I probably be content with that, but you still got an up-vote from me.

  • @drone205
    KyoAni always changes stuff in their adaptations (especially, ones that are based on their novels), so I think it's always nice to have the so-different-yet-feels-the-similar stories.

    Like their animes are great but the source material is great too like how Koe no Katachi movie is awesome but tells different story with the same setting and characters.

    Basically, I am the guy who wanna see both stories~

  • @myskaros

    I don't think that being oh-so-direct is a good move either.
    Yuuta kinda empathize with her and understands how it's way more comfortable to run away (Is it right or wrong? Who knows? However, sometimes, we just can't help it to run away, or at least look the other way, even for a bit)

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    @bloodygaikotsu I'm not saying he needs to just confront her about it and/or force her to come to terms with it, but he is in a position to influence her decisions, and he chooses to not use that influence to help her face her trauma but instead tacitly tells her that it's OK to act out and keep running from an unpleasant reality. I think there's an amount of slack given to the story because "oh, she's chuuni, how cute!", but what if she were suicidal instead? What if she were violent? The author doesn't go there, but leaving it alone because "at least this behavior doesn't hurt anyone" is not how people get better or learn to interact with society in a more healthful manner.

    Basically, if Rikka was just chuuni because she thought it was fun, or like the 2nd girl who did it for personal reasons unrelated to psychological distress, I wouldn't have a problem with it. However, as soon as we found out that this was actually a story about someone coping with trauma, it became pretty irresponsible of nearly everyone in the story to turn a blind eye simply because she happened to not be hurting anyone else.

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    I'd rather not go into an in-depth discussion on the potential negative implications of the story unless you think those implications are a reason against licensing this title at all (but then again, a lot of JNC titles have potentially problematic implications in their story and I find that kind of reasoning for not licensing something is rather weak).

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the anime (even the second season, which I know some had problems with) and would be curious to see how the original LNs did things, so this is definitely upvoted.

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    I remember watching this show in high school!
    (ohh I was so young and fresh back then. Now I'm just a tight bundle of stress)
    I think it would be great if this book gets licensed because a lot of people today still watches this show and the fandom is still super strong.

    Oh and I do hope we can see a English version of Violet Evergarden someday!

  • please license this the movie "love, chunibyo and other delusions! take on me" was so funny

  • Bumping this one because I would love to see the Chunibyo novels licensed in English! I immensely enjoy the anime, and would love to be able to see the source material brought over, since it's apparently different enough that it's worth a read. Knowing that Dekomori isn't around in the books by itself has me wondering what else is different. It's not like there is very many volumes to go through, compared to some of the series I see requested, and the series I've requested myself in the past.

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    Oh this one is published directly from KyoAni? Well Rip, guess it'll never happen :,(

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