Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

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    Didn't see this posted already so,

    English title: Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor
    Japanese title: ロクでなし魔術講師と禁忌教典 (Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records)


    Author: Tarou Hitsuji
    Illustrator: Kurone Mishima (KonoSuba)

    Publisher: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko
    Books released: 12 (ongoing)
    Manga adaptation?: Yes (licensed by Seven Seas)
    Anime adaptation?: Yes


    Synopsis (from Seven Seas)

    Sisti is a magic-user in training who attends a prestigious magical academy where she hopes to be trained by the best of the best. However, when her instructor suddenly retires, his replacement is anything but what Sisti had hoped for—idle, incompetent, and always late! Can Sisti still learn magic and unravel the secrets of the mysterious Sky Castle with such a terrible teacher as her guide?

    Why do I want this series?

    A magic school story, with some cliches, yet with great comedy and very likeable characters. Even if rushed, the anime was quite fun. There are fan translations for some of the volumes, but I would like to read it officially.

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    Would definitely be a great addition to the library, especially after anime had botched the second half so badly.

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    Loved the first half of the anime.
    The MC is a genius and different from many others.
    Also the scenes with Sistine being tsuntsun were lovely.
    I feel like the second half didn't express the right feelings in the right way and I would like to read the original to change my mind.
    I approve.

  • I would love to see this get licensed. I really enjoyed the characters in the anime, and I want to find out what happens to them in the LNs.

  • Great plot, fun characters, and the mc is the type that I like the most. Not beta, relaxed, and a hidden badass (hth combat expertise is the best for an mc to have :P). Would love to see this get picked up.

  • @crimson-wise Yen Press licenced from the same publisher his Second Series(which is brand new with 2nd vol. came out in 20th November 2018) AND STILL NO FUCKING LICENCE FOR THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!