Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi

  • Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi
    A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives

    • LNDB
    • 13 volumes, completed, 2008 - 2013
    • Author: Takaya Kagami (Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu, Owari no Seraph)
    • Illustrator: Yuu Kamiya (No Game No Life)
    • Publisher: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko (Fujimi Shobo)
    • Genres: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural

    v1 cover

    Synopsis (Source: MAL):
    A freshman of Miyasaka High, Kurogane Taito was average at everything. And all this while, he had believed himself to be an ordinary regular guy. But, he was wrong. The reason was because of a certain event 9 years ago. For the sake of a promise he had made then, he had already stopped being ordinary a long time ago. However, not a single fragment of his memory about that promise remained. Who had stolen his memory and to what ends? One day, as a consequence of a certain event that had descended upon his ordinary life, his memories were restored. That marked the beginning of his “extraordinary” life...

    "You’ve finally died. I’ve been long waiting for this day."
    I’ve always thought that I’m a supporting character in life.
    But once again, it starts from here.
    My story.
    I’ll “die 7 times” for your sake

    Everything starts from that promise. A story of a reverse school fantasy!

    Amazing fantasy series by Takaya Kagami. Read some fan-tl volumes before it was dropped and DMCA-ed. There was an anime that I haven’t seen, but heard it wasn't a good adaptation.

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    My recollection is that the director decided to make the anime ecchi by framing every single shot so you could see a girl's panties.

    It also had the best PV of any anime ever. (Yes, that's the Japanese version.)

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    I almost didn't up this, cause I didn't at first realize it was a A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives, but i remember watch the anime when it came out years ago, it was one of the first series i watch on crunchy-roll so i am definitely in favor of it.

  • I remember the Fan TL getting stuck at volume 5, which pretty much meant it got stuck at the point it picked up from where the anime left. I've been despairing for years to know what comes next. The anime certainly pusehd it too much with the fanservice, but the plot itself was quite good and interesting. Upvoted, I really want this.

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    I would much prefer Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu but since Sam would surely be too afraid to even try and license that, Kuro Usagi is a nice option too (or any other Kagamit novel for that matter).

  • @novurdim
    My favorite is Apocalypse Alice series, but... The author wrote in vol. 3 afterword that the real story is going start from here... And no new volume since 2014.

    And I agree that any Kagami's novel would be nice.

  • Yes Please! Been waiting for years for an official translation just to know how it ends, loved the heroine Himea with all my heart.... Kagami's stories are really good and this one is no exception