Free Life: Isekai Nandemoya Funtouki

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    Free Life: Isekai Nandemoya Funtouki
    フリーライフ ~異世界何でも屋奮闘記~

    Publisher: Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko (Kadokawa Shoten)
    Author: Kigatsukeba Kedama
    Illustrator: Kani Beam


    • Slice of Life
    • Comedy
    • Fantasy


    Sayama Takahiro, a carefree high school student, was transported to a fantasy world identical to the one in a VR Game. His go-with-the-flow attitude eventually overpowered his desire to return home, and now he runs Free Life, a small business dedicated to fulfilling the requests of its customers. Assisted by the hard-working Yumiel, what kinds of jobs will Sayama end up doing? If only someone would hire him to sleep till noon.


    Just felt like requesting a silly slice of life series. It leans on the episodic side of story telling as MC only really wants to laze around each day but ends up with various jobs such as infiltrating a noble's manor, being a teacher, or just walking some random dogs. It's just a silly series with a lazy protagonist and work obsessed maid elf.

    Volume 1 Cover

  • An Odd Jobs series in an isekai/fantasy setting? Yes, please!

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    Volume 8 came out this month in Japan so I figured I'd give this a bump.

    Volume 8 Cover