• So, this one may be a total long shot, but I want to at least attempt to mention Inukami! as far as light novels I'd like to see licensed are concerned.

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    Publisher: ASCII Media Works (Kadokawa)
    Label: Dengeki Bunko
    Author: Mamizu Arisawa
    Artist: Kana Wakatsuki
    Number of Books: 17 (14 main volumes, 3 EX novels)
    Publication Status: Complete
    Other Formats: Manga (English Version Available via Seven Seas), Anime (Produced by Seven Arcs)

    Synopsis: Inukami! revolves around Keita Kawahira, a descendant of an Inukami-tamer clan and considered a failure by the clan due to his attitude towards his duty and being unable to find an Inukami to bond with. Inukami, literally "dog god", are benevolent creatures that possess spiritual powers. They are a type of demon with the appearance of a dog who can transform into a human form. Along with a partner from the historic Inukami-tamer clan, they act to obliterate evil and proliferate righteousness. Keita is initially unable to find an Inukami to bond with, but eventually finds a beautiful Inukami named Yoko that decided to become his Inukami, causing Keita to become overjoyed. However, his joy is short-lived when he discovers that she is a very problematic and uncontrollable Inukami. At first Yoko is shown to be selfish and just thinks of herself, to help with this problem Keita's cousin Kaoru sends one of his Inukamis, Nadeshiko, over to help. Hijinks ensue.

    Why?: It's a series that was, at one point, relatively popular in Japan, and I never see anyone talk about it in the west for whatever reason. It's a nice, simple fantasy based romantic comedy, which I think some may find to be a breath of fresh air.

    The Manga is a fairly decent read, and since Seven Seas has the license for that, it's worth checking out in my opinion. I've also seen the anime, and while personally I think it went a little too deep into the more ecchi elements of the series, it's still fairly entertaining, especially if you want to see what is effectively a modern, slightly more ecchi spin on Urusei Yatsura, though it isn't licensed, so good luck finding it.

    It is an old series, and kind of obscure by today's standards, but I've always thought the idea of it was interesting, especially after experiencing the fairly decent manga adaption. 17 books isn't exactly a ton, but it's not a small amount either, so I can see that being a huge deciding factor when deciding whether or not it's worth it.

    Either way, I'm just interested because Yoko, at one point, stood beside Shana (Shakugan no Shana) and Kino (Kino's Journey) as some of Dengeki Bunko's biggest characters. All three of them appeared in the Dengeki Bunko Film Festival short, and each have movies... so I want to see how it stacks up compared to it's peers as a book series in that regard.

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    Oh wow! This really brings back memories. I think I watched the anime back then in '07 or was it '08? I dunno but hell the anime was quite memorable. Some of the scenes are etched into my brain :P (even though I'd love nothing more than to forget some of it hahaha)

  • the anime... it isn't licensed, so good luck finding it

    Literally took less than a minute by asking a certain cat.
    I think I have that series downloaded somewhere actually. When I get around to watching it (...eventually), I might give this an upvote.

  • @redarx
    It's memorable alright. Although, I get the impression that the show dials it up a little, since the Manga, from what I remember (it's been a few years) was a little more "serious" in tone.

    I said that because I remember having a heck of a time finding it when I watched it a while back, and just didn't bother to fact check :P

  • Okay, I just created an LNDB page for this series and, my goodness, those are some gorgeous covers!

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    Oh this looks good. Think I know what I’m suggesting on the Seven Seas request.

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  • @onyx-archer I double check every year or two to see if the ln ever got translated or licensed. It's been over a decade since it ended, and has always been a series I wanted to go back and read.

    Would love to see it finally get translated, whether official or not. Hopefully someone picks it up.

  • @drewjn I'm the same way about checking, though I dunno if it's as consistent as "every year or two." I remember really liking the manga though, and wanting to see the source material. It's a series that even now sticks out in my brain, for better or for worse (as far as some of the anime antics are concerned).

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    Would love it if the light novels for this is picked up , seven seas picked up the manga but the light novels still aren’t licensed