Kamisama no Goyounin

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    Kamisama no Goyounin (神様の御用人)
    Publisher: Media Works Bunko/ASCII Media Works
    Novel: 8+ ongoing since November 2018
    Manga: 4+ ongoing
    Official Website

    I found the following synopsis from someone on a NU forum who translated it.

    A "steward" is a human who asks after the needs of the gods. One day, after some strange geezer entrusts him with a book, chronic part-timer Yoshihiko finds himself calling on various of the countless deities and listening to their needs, accompanied by the fox god Kogane. Thus, he ends up at the beck and call of the gods of tale and legend, who seem more human than humans themselves.

    What can a mere human lacking any special powers or marvelous gadgets even do for them? And is he their assistant or just their errand boy? But there’s no denying the warm bond between the gods’ heartfelt wishes and humankind.

    Why I Think It Should Be Licensed:
    Though not a light novel, I think Kamisama no Goyounin could be a perfect fit for JNC as it seems like an episodic, warm, slice of life type story with a touch of supernatural a la Natsume's Book of Friends except our MC is an adult instead of a teenager; instead of a cat sidekick, he has a fox sidekick. Similarly to how youkai stumble or burst into Natsume's life and just as quickly leave once he helps them, I suspect this series has the same concept but with Gods who wander into his life and our MC helps fulfill these Gods' wishes.

    It seems to be fairly popular in Japan too. I found an article saying the sales exceeded $1 million copies after volume 6. It was also in the Top 30 on Bookwalker's literature ranking in 2017.

    The series placed #5 in the the light novel category of the Sugoi Japan Awards in 2017. According to ANN, the awards are for "promoting pop cultural works that fans feel are most deserving of foreign attention...the awards promote the works that have the "universality," "originality" and "potential" to be big international hits."

    Check out the LNDB for it: the covers are all gorgeous. Here are a few:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

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    It's on my "Media Works Bunko" list of titles to suggest, but I think you did better job presenting it than I would have lol

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    Looks great, I would buy the living hell out of this if it were licensed.