The Miraculous App Says It's Mutual Love

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    A continuation to my romcom missionary work, another romcom on my license list.
    Title: 神アプリ曰く、私たち相思相愛らしいですよ?
    Status: Not sure- 2 volumes (last one was in Dec. so I dunno if there is a continuation or that's it)
    Publisher: MF Bunko J

    What is it about?
    Divination and fortune-telling.
    People, especially girls sure love checking their divination--crystals, stars, zodiac signs, you name it. Now, there is this new "kami app" (as in really amazing app not divine) which can check your love compatibility.
    Our Sho and Rizu are childhood friends and quite comfortable together, but they got merely 1%, while there is some fate encounter with 99%??
    So, would he follow his feelings or the app's divination?

    Here's a thing, I am not sure if it's harem or love triangle tho. (or if the names reading is correct)

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    Got my vote.

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    added the the LN to LNDB

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