[Manga] Pseudo Harem

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    Pseudo Harem

    Publisher: Shogakukan
    Mangaka: Saitou Yuu


    Nanakura Rin (1st Year) and Kitahama Eiji (2nd Year) are part of the Drama Club. Rin with her crush on Eiji can't be honest with herself. Thus begins a Pseudo Harem experience where she is constantly playing with him by acting out various archetypes like a Tsundere, Cool Girl, Cheeky Devil, and so on.


    It's a very silly cute series about a dense senpai and a very good at acting kouhai. The mangaka originally posted his series over twitter and even approved of fan-translations before he recently got picked up for official publication by Shogakukan. It's overall just a lot of flirting and fun between the two via her various acting personas. I think it'd be cool for the manga to get licensed and Sam to kidnap recruit the fan-translator.

    Volume 1 Cover