[Manga] Pseudo Harem

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    Pseudo Harem

    Publisher: Shogakukan
    Mangaka: Saitou Yuu


    Nanakura Rin (1st Year) and Kitahama Eiji (2nd Year) are part of the Drama Club. Rin with her crush on Eiji can't be honest with herself. Thus begins a Pseudo Harem experience where she is constantly playing with him by acting out various archetypes like a Tsundere, Cool Girl, Cheeky Devil, and so on.


    It's a very silly cute series about a dense senpai and a very good at acting kouhai. The mangaka originally posted his series over twitter and even approved of fan-translations before he recently got picked up for official publication by Shogakukan. It's overall just a lot of flirting and fun between the two via her various acting personas. I think it'd be cool for the manga to get licensed and Sam to kidnap recruit the fan-translator.

    Volume 1 Cover

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    Volume 5 is set to come out this month.

    Volume 5 Cover

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    Seconded, this is a wonderful series.

  • Wow. Wondering how I missed noticing this series. From the description, it sounds funny. I would like to see if this can get picked up!

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    Romcom and parodying genre archetypes? I'm sold!

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    The biggest problem I can see is that apparently the fan translation is already approved by the author, so people might be upset if it's shut down in favor of an official release. Or it might become another Rokujouma, but that means it would be less viable commercially.