Isekai de Skill wo Kaitai shitara Cheat na Yome ga Zoushoku Shimashita: Gainen Kousa no Structure

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    Isekai de Skill wo Kaitai shitara Cheat na Yome ga Zoushoku Shimashita: Gainen Kousa no Structure
    異世界でスキルを解体したらチートな嫁が増殖しました 概念交差のストラクチャー
    Isekai Skill Editor

    Publisher: Kadokawa Books (Fujimi Shobo)
    Author: Sakaki Sengetsu
    Illustrator: Touzai (The Eminence in Shadow, 80k Gold)


    Nagi is among a group of Japanese students summoned from a bus on their way to school. After avoiding being roped into becoming a "Hero" like the others, he leaves the castle to start his own life in this world where skills are as tradable as currency and his secret skill to edit them.


    I'm quite surprised that it hasn't been requested yet. It seems like a pretty likely title to be licensed overall with the current market. Especially for a publisher like J-Novel Club that isn't afraid of a little more ecchi series and is still establishing a relationship with Fujimi Shobo.

    Exactly on why I'd like it licensed though, it's a pretty fun silly action series where the protagonist is pretty my-pace as he is trying to start a life with Demon Heroine (that looks like a dark elf to most people). His good nature gets him wrapped up in various conflicts, but the nonchalance of his way at tackling them is pretty entertaining. The way he edits skills has to do with moving attributes between them to create all together new skills. So stuff like sweeping and "targeting of low level monsters" can be combined for a skill for easily sweeping away slimes without having to attack them.

    A lot of people tend to get hooked on the meta-litrpg premises like this where we get to see the protagonist create various skills for situations based on swapping out various elements. The skills are rarely standard and end up as weird over-the-top skills which brings out the fun.

    Volume 1 Cover

  • Having read up to chapter 16 of the manga, this is a story about another castrated individual that got transported to different world. Even after 16 chapters I don't really understand under what rule/law the skill combination operates.
    But every time MC uses his skill alteration ability on his companions we have an ecchi scene. I wonder what will happen if he ever tries to alter skill on a man -.-'

    Its somewhat entertaining, but also a generic shounen with ecchi elements.

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  • Cover for Vol.9 released today!! and manga adapted 1vol. of LN and is halfway adapted 2nd vol. of LNalt text

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    Volume 10 came out this month in Japan.

    Volume 10 Cover

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    Volume 11 came out March.

    alt text

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    I'd read this for sure. Trashboat endorsement acquired

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    Great series been reading this since it started popping up on novelupdates but been stalled for awhile. Would love for J-Novel to pick this up as a series in their catalog.

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    Volume 12 came out in July. It looks like the cover to a final volume but we couldn't find anything to confirm it as much as people thought volume 11 was the ending.