Usotsuki Mii-kun to Kowareta Maa-chan

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    Usotsuki Mii-kun to Kowareta Maa-chan
    Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan
    By the same author of: Adachi and Shimamura, Bloom into You (novels), Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, and one of the Makai Tantei Meiousei O novels

    Publisher: Dengeki Bunko/ASCII Media Works
    Novel: 11 volumes (Complete)

    The setting is a rural city in which a kidnapping and a series of murders are happening simultaneously. Eight years ago, a boy and a girl were kidnapped and suffered through the hands of their perpetrator. The victims, the compulsive liar "Mii-kun" (the narrator), and "Maa-chan" (Misono Mayu) reunite and start living together, despite the fact the kidnapped children were in Mayu's apartment...

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    Why I Want It:
    First, I'm interested in the author's other work and this one sounds just as interesting (an unreliable narrator, twisted characters, and a mystery reminds me of Zaregoto or Zeroth Maria). Second, it's a complete series, which is always a plus in my book. Third, it's a non-fantasy title, which again I'm all for. Fourth, since Seven Seas has picked up two of this author's works (Adachi and Shimamura and Bloom into You novels), my hope is they or another publisher may show interest in Hitoma Iruma's other series if those do well.

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    Definitely want this one.
    Especially with how JNC can theoretically speed through first volume due to, uh, circumstances.

  • Heard that the nareator was like a tribute to Zaregoto.